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Confident~A short story

Confident~A short story

Posted June 11th, 2018 by AnnaLC

by why u need to know?
in Fantasia

June 11th, 2018

Kylie was ticked off. And when Kylie is ticked off, she gives no mercy. Why was she ticked off? Her ex-boyfriend had posted a baby picture of her. An embarrassing one. “Oh, hey Kyl- “ He said. He couldn’t finish because she punched him in the stomach. “What’s the matter with being confident?” She asked. She was the queen bee of her group, and to everyone, this was hilarious. It was even in the school newspaper! She wanted revenge. And she knew she would get it somehow. In 4 days, she came up with a perfect idea. The idea was she would go to the restaurant at Stanford university, text him to tell him she got him a milkshake, and when he came, splash the milkshake all over him. It would be awful, as that day was picture day. Ms. Kim would be annoyed that he was late to class because of picture day, there wouldn’t be that much class time anyway.

Part II coming soon!

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