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Crimson and Melody

Crimson and Melody

Posted October 29th, 2019 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

October 29th, 2019



The crimson drifts

In between your fingers it drips

And paints your hands black 

Trickling down your eyes

The tears you have cried

Washing into your mouth

The taste of it

You know you hate

And yet you love 

Only the broken hearted can sing this song

The taste of heartbreak

Lingering on your tongue

From all leaks blood 

The copper smell

Tainting the walls 

Will you drown in it?

The bittersweet song

Don't let go of the crack

In fear it will snap

Let it bleed, what can you do?

Nothing to mend what you have made

What they have bade





The sweet sufferings of tommorow 

My last dance

Gracefully and fearfully

Into thy arms

"Shall we dance?" 

A crooked smile

And an outstretched hand

I take it all

Thy gloved hand it calls me

Your drifting hair compels me

And it is then,

I take thy hand

And let us drift

Through our sorrows 

"Must we part?"

Thy smile fades and crumbles

And so does mine

Your hand slips from mine

And the most pained smile

I've seen

Stretches across your face

"I shall return at dawn, once more"

"My darling is, you see,"

"Awaiting my return, at home."

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we have been doing a lot of

we have been doing a lot of poetry lately, not that i'm complaining


Posted by Fire Dragon 74 on Thu, 10/31/2019 - 12:27

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