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The Cross Bracelet

The Cross Bracelet

Posted October 8th, 2017 by Krystalthewriter

by Krystal
in Hogwarts

October 8th, 2017

I am Meredith Jude Ables, but my mother calls me Merry J. I live in Delaware. It's very small but at sometimes it feels like if you wonder long enough in the tall grass fields, you can get lost and forget which way is north from south.

Today I was bullied at school by Maria Thomas. Petty girl she is. I was thinking about self harm so I decided to take another route home. Instead of going south, I went east. The more I walked east, the more dry and crisp the air was becoming.

As I approached closer, I walked past a street called "Pinely Ln." It looked like a finely gated community. I have never been to this part of the world. What was it like? The temptation was stabbing me in the lung. With the turn of my foot, I started to walk towards Piney Ln

The air was dryer and more crisp. It smelled greatly of ash and pollen. I walked upon the sidewalk and something shimery caught my eye. I approached slowly, it was a bracelet. It was a white pearled bracelet with a cross charm. I picked it up. It looked brand new, like it had

never been worn before. I fit it around my wrist, and continued to walk. I wondered how a bracelet as fine as this could've ended up by the sidewalk. I walked farther and farther. It was starting to get darker and the dry wind became moist. The colder it got the more it felt like a

needle in my ankle pushing deeper and deeper. It was so dark I couldn't see 6 feet ahead of me. Then from infront of me I saw light. It was hurdling towards me. As it came closer I realized it was a car. I waved my hands in the air like a child trying to get attention from it's

busy mother. The car slowed down at the sight of my arms. The man inside was huge. He was kind of like Andre from The Princess Bride. His face was all red and blotchy like a cherry tomato. The man asked me for a ride and I said yes, not thinking about the danger that the

results could be. I was desperate to get home. I sat at shotgun and the man took off. I told him my address and he went down the road. At the stop light, he looked at my wrist. He was looking directly at the bracelet I had on. The cross bracelet made him look queasy. He

literally looked like he was going to puke up a hairball, and then he started to gag. I put my wrist into my pocket. As he drove to my house. I got out, thanked him for the drop off and walked into my house. My parents were on the floor when they saw me. They kept asking me

"where have you been darling?" I fibbed and told them I was at Cassidy Lue's house. I ran up to my room and turned on my old tv to the news. I wasn't hungry at all. I pulled out my bag to do my homework and then the story on the news shocked me. They said there was a

murder here in Delaware. They showed security footage of a woman struggling to fight off a huge figure. The man's head was blistering red. The woman was holding this bracelet to the man. The man's skin bubbled and then he murdered her and the bracelet flew out of her

hands and out the window. The man offally looked familiar. The newswoman then said that they found this woman's journal. The journal stated that this woman was being enslaved by a demon and on day ten she was going to attempt to kill the demon by using a cross

bracelet. The newswoman then stated the murder was taken on Piney Ln, and the killer was never found, but in the footage he was a large man, with a red face. Then I rembered the man who drove me home.

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CC: "The man offally looked

CC: "The man offally looked familiar." There's a spelling mistake in here, that I'm guessing would be 'awfully'.

Besides that, good work on the story! I take it that the girl only survived because the demon saw her cross and couldn't attack her?

Keep writing!

~Stargazer (Co-write with Hyacinth) // A world of magic and everything in between... You won't want to miss out.

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