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Cry wolf...coming soon!!

Cry wolf...coming soon!!

Posted October 3rd, 2018 by Blackoutwolf

by Erika
in Alberta

October 3rd, 2018

Replacing Tawny with a new Werewolf

Alpha werewolves: a male and female who’s young will become alphas if their parents die as leader. (Or step down) they control the pack

Betas: the alphas young, or chosen by the moon. They are the second in command.

Warriors: the protectors of the packs, the best trained wolves around.

The hunters: they have antlers of deer and moose on their helmets, and they use bows.

The farmers: they farm animals and crops.

The stable hands: these werewolves can climb on Thr back of the wildest horse. That’s how good they are at keeping the horses safe

The blacksmith: sharpens swords and forges armour from dragon fire.

The healers: creates potions and and gather herbs

The story:

The were animals (lycanthropes) banded together, moving from countries. Bring the animals and plants over, after every were animal and every animal, arrived they came to a large cliff, climbing down they found an amazing place they released the animals and built camp.


The market: where traders trade furs and resources

The dark market: this is a bad place, and not to mention it was full of shadows, they traded items that shouldn’t be played with

The waterfall of Lycaon: an amazing waterfall. It is where meanings are held.

The runner: where sports and training is held.

Better get ready, cause cry wolf is coming soon!

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