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Designer, chapter 1

Designer, chapter 1

Posted December 7th, 2021 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

December 7th, 2021

Daisy was clutching a leather bag, packed with all her things. She was leaving her home in a country-like place, to enter the bustling, elegant city, very unlike the calm and quiet prairie she'd known for almost her entire life. Daisy and her family used to live in a ranch (they'd sold it), with her mother, her father, and her dog, Sparkle. Sparkle was one of Daisy's best friends, despite her classmates. Suddenly, a loud ring interrupted her thoughts- it was time.

She got onboard the train, a feeling of guilt hanging heavy upon her heart. Many people were lined, men, women, children. The family found their seats, next to a family that seemed quite rich, rare on the place Daisy used to live. She wanted to feel Sparkle's white fur, so she reached out to the floor. 

But Sparkle...wasn't there.

Daisy felt her skin run cold. Was Sparkle really gone? She tugged at her mother's sleeve, and she said, "What is it, Daisy?" Daisy stumbled, "Ah...uh...Sparkle's not here." Her father immediately sat up and said, "Where's Sparkle? I thought you had her, Daisy!" Her eyes brimmed with tears, and Daisy only whimpered, "We saw a butterfly earlier on, at the station...and I think there were so many people, we forgot her."

Suddenly, a loud barking came from outside- it was her! Daisy's mother threw open the window, and let Sparkle jump into her arms. Daisy cradled Sparkle as she grabbed her from her mother's arms, the two whimpering. Finally, the train started up- slower, slower, then faster. It hurt Daisy's ears. To ignore it, she stared outside of the now-closed window, trying to reminisce in the scene, thinking she'd never see this prairie again.

A man then came up to the two families and said, "Hello, ya'll! Jolly day today, right? Anyways, what would you like to eat and drink?" Daisy would have said that she's not hungry, but it was one of those cases where she was so sad and confused that she felt starved. Daisy blurted out, "A water and some of the meat." The rest of the people at the seat said what they wanted, and the man was off. Now, they weren't in the prairie anymore.

Daisy gazed outside again, and they were in a tunnel- honestly, it was scary, they were in complete darkness. When they were out of that long tunnel, a man came with the food and drinks. It appeared as though Daisy's meal came with fries- in which she wasn't the biggest fan of. Her mother cut up her meat for her, and Daisy picked up her fork and began to eat. As soon as the meat touched her lips, it was like heaven- a rare delicacy. She tried to prevent herself from the evils of wolfing it down- her mother always told her that even though she's a prairie girl, she's not allowed to completely wolf down her food.

When she was done, she spared some of the meat for Sparkle, and now it was time to rest. Her mother pulled an old blanket over her, and it didn't seem as though the train hurt her ears anymore. By the way, she was tired. Her eyes drifted closed, and she had a beautiful dream- one where she was back at her ranch, milking the cows, riding the horses, feeding Sparkle, going to a steakhouse, it was almost mocking.

When she woke up, it was dark. But not tunnel dark- millions of bright lights, idols, and commercials flashed off of buildings that Daisy had never seen before, but immediately loved it. She passed the blanket to her mother, and placed her face to the window. The train then pulled into a giant station, completely different from the closed-off one that the prairie held. It then stopped- and the people that were on the train with her began to get off.

Daisy and her family then got off too, and saw lots of large shops. There was this one store, that caught Daisy's eye- it was a woman. Not just any woman, Daisy recognized the style, it was anime. Even though the prairie never had this sort, they also didn't have what the woman was wearing. It felt as though a million tiny fireworks were going off at once. From that point on, Daisy was positive, she knew...

She would be a designer.

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