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Designer, chapter 2

Designer, chapter 2

Posted December 8th, 2021 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

December 8th, 2021

6 years later...

"But, Mom, what if I get bullied?" Daisy's mom slung Daisy's backpack on her back and said, "Honey, don't worry. Just try to make friends, be kind, the person you are right now." Daisy nodded. She then heard a loud BEEP! It was the school bus. "That's my cue," Daisy said. "I'm going now." She then planted a quick kiss on her mother's forehead, rushed out the front door, and sped for the bus. Daisy got on the stairs, and then scanned for her seat.

As she walked down the aisle, she could feel the glances of 24 girls and boys staring back at her. She forced a smile, then sat down in the nearest seat. Not before long, the bus sat off for Daisy's school downtown. (Daisy lived a bit far from Downtown, but not too far) It was a sunny day, nice and pleasant for a picnic, but sadly all those buildings blocked the sunshine. Later, it pulled up in the parking lot, the doors opened, and the students hopped off.

Daisy navigated for her classroom. "Come on, dang it, where could it be?" she blurted out. But right to her left was the room. She walked inside, to be greeted by..."Hello, dearie! I'm so excited to have you for our 11'th grade class!" Daisy smiled back at her, and the teacher said, "My name is Ms. Garcias, and you have been assigned to seat number 3." Daisy strolled to the seat, and not many people were there.

When everyone had come, it was time for a game of Concentration, just for everyone to know each other better. First round was, "Favorite food." Daisy loved Korean food, including Tteokbokki, since she came from the prairie and decided it was time to lay off ground foods, and from that day on she'd designed, ate Korean, designed, ate Korean, managed grades. Repetetive, and she never got tired of it.

It turned out, 11th grade was going to be fun. On that day, they set up their notebooks, (even on Office 365 with OneNote) introduced to classes, and as every first day, no homework. Daisy was excited to get home, smiling the entire bus ride. She couldn't wait to tell her mother about all the fun things that happened on that day. When she got home, she hopped out the bus, rang the doorbell, and then went inside.

"How was your day, honey?" Daisy's mother said. "It was amazing!" Daisy replied. "We got a game of Concentration, played a bit of Red Light Green Light at the field, stuff like that." Her mother asked, "Do you have homework? Be honest." She shook her head and said, "Nope! It's fine." She then went to her room, put her backpack on her bed, and started up her computer. She found her 3 friends, Hannie, Lily, and Yuna.


Yuna5787: so? how was school?

DaisyBloom: Hmm, pretty good! We played Concentration, Red Light Green Light...

HannieIsTheOne: Ur lucky. I had homework today <:(

Liliesinthegarden091: Sucks for you...

DaisyBloom: Anyways...what's going on for you all?

HannieIsTheOne: Doing the homework rn, but I think I heard of this cool site.

DaisyBloom: Which one is it?

Yuna5787: It's DesignCreate, they have an outpost in the town you live in and can accept your designs in virtual, for all ages

DaisyBloom: OMG, my dream site. I'll be there!

Liliesinthegarden091: Bye!!!


Daisy went to the website. There was a category for, "Submit a Picture" but she needed to create an account first. After doing that, she thought about what to draw. Nothing seemed to click inside of her. "I'm probably not going to get accepted," she said. At that moment, she had the perfect thought- the outfit she saw of that anime woman 6 years ago at the train station! Perfect. She drew a sketch of her own version of the design.

She then took its picture, sent it to her computer, downloaded it, and then submitted the picture. The site then said, "You're done! An email will be sent to your account from one of our employees. Please be patient during the time." Daisy was excited. She told her 3 friends, eating dinner happily that night. When she got to bed, she awaited the next day of school...and the conformation if her design was confirmed or not.

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