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Designer, chapter 3

Designer, chapter 3

Posted December 9th, 2021 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

December 9th, 2021

It was a cloudy Tuesday, not quite as nice as the sunny Monday, but Daisy still liked those days. Before school, she made another little chat with her friends about on when the company would reply or not. After breakfast she hopped on the bus again, Sparkle barking behind her.  But today, there was a girl waving to Daisy- so she got in the seat with her. "Hey, my name is Jessica," the girl replied. "It's nice to meet you."

"Wow, a new friend!" Daisy thought. "And it didn't even take a week." Daisy talked with her: "Hey, so you like Smash Bros? I have a Gamecube over at my house if you want..." Jessica's face lit up. "You have a Gamecube?! I've always wanted one...thank you. And you better have Sunshine." Daisy nodded. She then got over at the school- to discover Jessica was actually in the same class that she was. Nice.

Today, they were setting up sections in their notebooks and simple variable equations. But while there were acquaintances, there were also rivals. A girl named Sinclair was certainly not a fan of Daisy's and Jessica's friendship. Sinclair had white blonde hair, looking so bleached it seemed unhealthy. She wore nice dresses, nicer than most girls in her classroom. She even had a diary, which the two girls had no true business in.

"You're both idiots. A country and city girl friends? Get real." But Daisy didn't really know how to defend herself- even though she was in 11th grade. But Jessica always backed up Daisy- "Stop it, Sinclair Jones. You may have bullied me since 9th grade, but not Daisy. Besides, she's only new here." Well, Daisy was new to this school- in 10th grade, she went to a school that stretched across the city and was way too far for her.

She couldn't have been more happy to get home.

When she did, she got online with her friends.


Yuna5787: any second day luck?

DaisyBloom: sorta...got a new friend and a new bully

Liliesinthegarden091: Who are they?

DaisyBloom: Jessica and Sinclair

HannieIsTheOne: oof that sucks.

Yuna5787: Yeah...just tell Sinclair to go away

DaisyBloom: Its not so simple

Liliesinthegarden091: Report them to the principal

DaisyBloom: I'll try that

DaisyBloom: Wait!! my computer just made a beep

HannieIsTheOne: Do you have a virus?

DaisyBloom: No...it's from that company you sent



Daisy checked the message. It read, "Congratulations Daisy, your design has been accepted into our company, and by that you're also a designer for it. Have a Zoom call with us tomorrow at 12 pm and confirm the link we'll send you! -Director, Jason Hallwill"

Daisy couldn't believe it.

Her dream had come true.

And now she would really be...

a designer.


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I have a friend named

I have a friend named Jessica! Haha!


---------------------------------------------- "I'll make chapter 4 tomorrow" Famous last words

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