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Designer, chapter 4

Designer, chapter 4

Posted December 16th, 2021 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

December 16th, 2021

After Lunch, Daisy reported to her phone. She checked her Gmail, just to be sure. Wednesday was drizzling, and Daisy liked drizzly days, but she was quite wet now. Sure enough, there were 3 responses in her Gmail. The first one was her mother, telling her to be safe on her first day. Of course, Daisy hadn't gotten the memo. The second was just an ad, and the third one? A response from the company.

"Zoom code- 4515845

Password- designcompany"

Daisy pulled up her Zoom app, and typed in the code and password. She was being let in, and soon she was. Her camera was off. The man on the speaker said, "Hello? Is the person Daisy?" She turned on her mic and said, "Yes, it's me." The man replied, "Well, we really liked your design. It looked familiar, but it was still nice. Now, fill out the form I will give you."

Of course, a link appeared in the chat. Daisy pressed it, and it sent her to a Google Form titled, "DesignCreate Admission Form" very similar to the form Daisy had filled out yesterday. She filled it out, applying for the role of "Designer." The man then said, "Great. Let it be known, in a month we will be having a state competition on who is the best designer. First, we're making the outfits and hiring someone to see which one is best. You're not out of the woods yet, now if you get chosen you will represent our company and the one who the judge likes most wins and gets 1 million dollars."

That caught Daisy. "1...million...dollars?" she muttered. The man said, "Yes. You excited?" Daisy, shaking in excitement, said, "Yeah. Anyways, see you." The man blurted out, "Wait! Don't leave yet. Every Wednesday and Thursday, we'll be meeting on Zoom. You don't have to actually make the outfit into cloth, you can just draw it. In a month, the voting will start. Now bye!" And the meeting ended.

When she got home, she talked with her friends about this.


DaisyBloom: I GOT THE ROLE!!!

HannieIsTheOne: OMG!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Yuna5787: I knew you'd do it!

Liliesinthegarden091: Can't wait to see your designs!

DaisyBloom: Thank you all! But I might have less time with you.

Yuna5787: aww, we won't mind that! We're still friends.

Liliesinthegarden091: Yeah! Ofc!

HannieIsTheOne: Sister, we'll always support you!

DaisyBloom: Thanks. There's also going to be a design representation competition next month!

Yuna5787: So in September? Sweet!

DaisyBloom: But I haven't told my mom...will she get mad?

HannieIsTheOne: It'll work out! Don't worry!

DaisyBloom: Wish me luck.

Liliesinthegarden091: Good luck!!!


Daisy walked up to her mother who was cooking dinner. "Hey, mom?" she asked. Her mother put down her spoon and said, "Yes? What is it, honey?" Daisy said, "Well, I got accepted into a designing company without your permission. Are you mad?" Her mother looked annoyed and excited at the same time, and said, "Well, the acception part I'm happy for, but without my permission? Not so much. Please tell me about the things you do. Look, you're in 11'th grade. You may have a lot of friends, so be a friend to me too, okay?"

Daisy just said, "Okay." and went back to her room. It felt as though all the excitement she had about what she did was slowly fading away- no. She couldn't lose hope. She could still make a good design. That night, she laid in bed, thinking about the designs she'd create. She had a bunch of them in her mind, but Daisy couldn't make her mind up on which one.

Could she really make it?

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