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Designer, chapter 5

Designer, chapter 5

Posted January 4th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

January 4th, 2022

Daisy awoke. It was a cloudy Tuesday, but no more rain. She remembered- her meeting was today again. When Daisy got to school, her mind was racing. She had to be the winner of this very special contest. She had to! She pulled out a paper from her notebook, next to Jessica. "Whatcha making?" Jessica said, glancing upon Daisy's art. "Oh, I applied for an online designing company, and now I'm drawing some designs for the contest next month."

Jessica's eyes flashed wide. "Ah, really?! What's it for?" Daisy tapped her pencil. "Well, next month is the voting for the best designer in our group. Next, we go on to the state to present our design. If I win, I get...1 million dollars. The two girls squealed. Unfortunately, Sinclair had heard this, and got up from her desk. "Oh, looksie here. The country girl decided to be a designer. Like she'll ever be in a contest. Of course, I'D be the winner."

Jessica said, "Look in a mirror first, Sinclair. Would you really win?" Sinclair was offended. "Why, I never! It's the city rat joining in too. Can't say I'm...surprised." Daisy rolled her eyes. "You know what, shut up," she said. "Go pick on two girls that aren't us." Sinclair scoffed, and picked up the design. Daisy almost screamed, "Give it back!" Ms. Garcias said, "Hey, girls, stop. Sinclair, put it down. Only and last chance."

Sinclair sighed, and put the paper down, as Ms. Garcias looked to the side. In that instant, Sinclair snatched the paper again, and said, "Oooh, what's this? Looks like the newest American Idol's gonna trash her reputation." Daisy growled. "Down!" She barked. Sinclair tore the paper in two, making a loud rrrrrrrrrrrrip sound. "No!" Daisy yelled, in tears. Ms. Garcias noticed this, and said, "Sinclair, it's about respect towards others. Principal's office. Now."

Daisy picked up the ripped pieces of the paper. Tears streamed from her eyes. "Why...why," she wept. "Don't worry, Daisy!" Jessica said. "We can just tape the thing back together. Good as new...right?" She shook her head. She just wanted lunch to happen.

When it was lunch, Daisy, still sad about the events, went to the meeting, not in the best state. "Hey..." she said to everyone there. "Hi!" a man said. The voice was familiar. "Remember me? From our meeting? It was rude of me to not introduce myself, so my name is Daniel. Nice to meetcha." Daisy said, "Yeah...it's nice to meet you. Say...how many designers are in this group?" He replied, "Ah... around 7 or 8."

"Nice," Daisy said. "So what are we going to be doing today?" Daniel replied, "Well, we're saying hi to the new share of designers, learning on what tools and materials we can use to create all our designs, and overall, just saying hi and preparing for next month's competition." Another girl said, "Yeah. Especially the competition. It's huge this month, since we're in the big city, we get a big amount of money."

"Oh, that's just Saige," Daniel chuckled. "Daisy, this is Saige, and Saige, this is Daisy. Say hi." They both blurted out "Hi!" at the same time. Daniel went on, "Saige's in the same group as Mary and Cindy. You see, I forgot to mention that the designers make designs and do the voting among themselves. Two of the best in that group will be the one to be voted by the judge and the winner of that will go onto the state."

"Well, can I be part of their group?" Daisy asked. Saige replied, "Yep! 4 is a number I've always wanted for this team. There's another group that's got 4, and you can perfectly balance our number of designers." Daniel then said, "All right. I'm going to open breakout rooms now, so you better be working on your designs for next month. Be creative. Please." The breakout room icon then opened up for Daisy.

When Daisy got home, she got onto her computer.


Yuna5787: Any good things?

DaisyBloom: Yeah! We designed stuff.

Liliesinthegarden091: Noice!

HannieIsTheOne: What did you use?

DaisyBloom: Ahh we just did it on paper or online

Liliesinthegarden091: Can you show me one of your works?

DaisyBloom: (insert design here)


HannieisTheOne: You're gonna win the competition I knew it

DaisyBloom: Thx :D

Liliesinthegarden091: YOU GOTTA



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