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Detailed plot of The Two Last Kidpubbers

Detailed plot of The Two Last Kidpubbers

Posted March 13th, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Inkopolis (jk, it's Texas.)

March 13th, 2023

A writer named Maria enters KidPub, although it has been long deserted. The snow has blocked the location of Dust's, Snow's, and Quartz' houses, and the seemingly only house above ground is Elizabeth's, and another which Maria is soon to claim. She walks to the center of the fountain on a snowy day and makes a poll on parchment, later making a few otther posts. The next day, she returns to find that Elizabeth has greeted her, and Quartz has too. The two later become friends after Maria makes a joke post asking for help. Because of the cold, however, Maria may be forced to leave because of the weakening state of KidPub and her health. Even still, Maria holds on and refuses to leave yet.

One day, Maria reads stories and feels sad at the fact that these stories were all part of a lost kingdom. Because of the shutdown of the bubble, a dragon approaches Maria and asks her to give up the stories, to which she declines. Maria and Elizabeth attempt to fight the dragon, but in the process, the fountain is destroyed and the city's state worsens. Maria reads a poem, but it tears away. The girls are forced to resort to their homes, but Maria stays near the remains of the destroyed fountain. Her health has severely worsened. With the energy she has left, she makes a Goodbye post, still saddened at the fact she has been forced to leave.

Later, Maria finds a guest, and the veterans who moved underground-even the newer ones as well. They rebuild the fountain, but the dragon returns. The girls attempt to fight him again, and Maria finishes him off with a final blow. She is knocked out in the process, and the girls attempt to rebuild KidPub, with some veterans adapting to this new lifestyle as well.

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