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Does anyone remember my last review of my old writing? Yeah, this is a continuation.

Does anyone remember my last review of my old writing? Yeah, this is a continuation.

Posted September 18th, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in The Deepsea Metro (jk, it's Texas.)

September 18th, 2023

“Can we go out sometime,” Mario repeated, as Ana had not caught his call the first time. All of a sudden, a King Boo came out in front of the girls. Came out? What do you mean by that, old Elizabeth?

“OH NO!” Ana screamed in shock.

She yelled along with Mario saying, “MAMMA MIA!” The line preceding this one was actually so weird and actually gross that I completely removed it from this review to rid myself of the shame.

Ana looked back up, saying, “Guys, I think we need to go to the mansion!” 

Mario corrected her, saying, “You mean castle.” No, Mario. Ana means the mansion in the forest. Either way, you'd be running away from your problems. It's not worth it.

Daisy said, “Luigi, would you come along?” to no avail. DAMN, LUIGI! Daisy then said, “Should one of us be Rosalina?”

Well, Rosalina had gone away with a fart, so the two said “No.” Yeah, if you fart at someone, you shouldn't be a roleplayer anymore.

Daisy accepted this, after all. 

Ana said confidently, “I’m very good with kicks, so if anyone tries to hurt us…” she couldn’t finish the sentence. Finish the sentence! It's even more ironic considering YOU NEVER KICKED IN THIS STORY! THIS IS LIKE A METAPHOR! The girls head off for the woods, hoping to find at least something. Toad, maybe. Toad is literally dead. Also, we never even found him in this story.

They were passing by the Toad’s estates/houses Oh, yeah. There were estates nearby the kingdom. I miss this game. when Mario and Luigi were there, talking. Luigi said, “Bowser called me a mom.” What a mature insult, Bowser.

King Boo was there too, but the girls just walked past him, not willing to deal with any of his crap. This line is one of the few good parts of this story. Well, not really good. Just okay.

Mario was then screaming, “AHH!” Ana thought, “What could be so horrible now? We’re trying to find the soul of a deceased Toad!” Let me tell you what could be horrible, Ana. Everything. Everything happening here. This is literally just a normal day for us. Luigi was being chased by a Piranha Plant- mind the fact it was staring into the sky.

Literally, its neck was straight and he was only bouncing. the Piranha Plant just turned into a freaking dinosaur. That right there is a cursed image. He couldn’t walk properly. Both Luigi and the plant were yelling, “HELP!” Wow. What a double-edged sword, huh?

Ana tried to stifle her laughter, and she only coughed a tiny “what the heck.” In real life, I was laughing harder than 'Ana tried to stifle her laughter.' My mom actually had to tell me to calm down.

Daisy said, “The plant is freaking out!” Freaking out?! It's literally paralyzed, Daisy!

The plant only screamed louder, “I’M STUCK! HELP!” See?!

Seeming not to mind this all, Mario said to Ana, “Wanna go to the beach? Princess?” This is a really weak part of the plot. We're just dodging everything bad going around us. We could have a honeymoon in the middle of a hurricane, but eh, that's what this story's all about.

Quite fishy about this sudden request, Ana said, “Uhm, sure.” She was hoping to bring Daisy and Peach too. Then it would be nice. What about Luigi?! YOUNG ELIZABETH, WHY'D YOU FORGET LUIGI?!

“Let’s a go,” Mario said. The plant went away, and the King Boo meant no harm. It literally meant harm just a few seconds ago. And what's going to happen to that plant?

Worried, Daisy asked, “Are you okay?” To Luigi. Luigi is probably traumatized by seeing a cursed Chain Chomp. I wouldn't be okay either.

Trying to shake away the current events, Ana said, “Let’s just go to the beach.” You think the BEACH is going to solve all of your problems?!

Luigi said, “I’m okay. Where’s Mario?” Oh. He's okay, I guess. Thank goodness.

Peach just said, “Left, maybe. I don’t know.”

Ana burst in, “He’s waiting for us at the beach.” 

Peach then replied, “Oop, it’s back.” Indeed, the plant was back! The plant is literally in agony and all you want to do is run from this.

This time, its pot was stuck in the ground. Luigi yelled, “OH JEEZ, NOT AGAIN!” 

Angry, Ana said, “Oh, come on! When we want to do something fun, it always ruins our plans!” Stop blaming the plant!

Making fun of the situation, Daisy said, “I can laugh at this all day.”

Luigi said, “Go away, you evil piece of plant!” ITS NOT EVIL.

As they were going to the beach, Peach suddenly called out, “Ana.” 

Ana stopped in her tracks, and said, “Yeah?” 

Peach replied, “I think he means only you. Like a two-person thing.”

Ana said, “I think he’ll come through. Now come on, let’s go.” Yeah. Loose solutions to solve your problems. Instead, they were all going right to the pipe-leading to the woods and the mansion. Blocking the way? A big Chain Chomp. Okay, this is more of a danger than that Goomba was.

Luigi scoffed and said, “That little piece of ball?”

Effortlessly, he punched the Chomp. That's gotta hurt.

Daisy said, “It’s getting late.” 

The Chomp, with a deep and gruff tone, said, “No one passes.” 

Luigi yelled, “GET OUT, BALL!” I laughed at this even harder than I had at the Plant in real life.

Luigi punched its eye, and it said, “I will eat you.” What a polite Chomp. He stated his demand, then stated what he would do, and also stated the effect it would have!

Daisy burst in, “I think I have some treats in my purse.” That Chomp is literally going to swallow your snacks and still be hungry because your snacks are probably the size of pills.

Ana exclaimed, “RUN!” Everyone did run- away from the Chomp. Ana said, “NO, LUIGI!” Everyone runs, except for Luigi. Wow. He's probably going to win, and this time, not by doing nothing.

Daisy protested to the mad Chomp, “Want a Scooby snack?”

Ana yelled, “HE CLEARLY DOESN’T!” Thank you, Ana. That's the smartest thing you've said, given you're one of the most mindless characters in this entire story.

Mario then walked up to Ana, saying, “So, princess… about that beach…eh…” 

Ana slowly said, “Well, um…sorry. I’m not Peach.” Top 10 anime twists of all time.

Mario sat up, and said, “What the?”

Ana said, “I’m Ana. Peach is over there…” 

Mario laughed, “Oh…I’m sorry…haha…” going to the real Peach. You don't have to be sorry. Ana literally manipulated you into thinking she was Peach until she finally decided to say iM aNa PeAcH iS oVeR tHeRe

She thought, “That was awkward…” 

Making a proper proposal this time, Mario said, “Peach, wanna go to…uh…the beach?”

Peach said, “Oh, uh, sure.” Thank goodness. Now we can finally relax.

Mario muttered, “Oh my god, that was awkward.” You could say that again, Mario!

Everyone went to the beach, and it was only till then that Ana exclaimed, “Where’s Daisy?” Rest in peace, Daisy. Last words were "Want a Scooby snack?"

Mario paid no mind to Ana’s protest, saying, “Isn’t this relaxing?”

Luigi noticed this too, and protested to Mario as well. It's his girlfriend (not canon) so I could see why. He ignored this, saying, “Luigi, let’s have fun. Forget her. I’m retired.” WOW MARIO YOU LITERALLY JUST LEFT DAISY OUT FOR UNDESCRIBABLE HORRORS TO GET HER. I'd do the same thing. Maybe she'll be pushing up daisies soon.

Ana stuttered, “N-no…this can’t be…Daisy was our friend!” Yeah, Ana. She was your friend.

Luigi said, “She went through a pipe and I didn’t know…” Well, then, let's go through the pipe! It's not that hard!

He then stomped on Junior (who had said that Peach was his mama) Luigi is just merciless here. and Ana yelled, “Let’s find Daisy!” 

Mario scoffed, “Ugh, not again. Every time!” I feel bad for Mario. He's just getting dragged along on adventures even though he stated that he retired. The roleplay could have ended here, but then this story wouldn't exist. 

They all hurried for the forest, but a small Goomba said, “Stop, nobody gets in.”

Peach promptly said nothing and stomped on it-giving everyone time to run away from it. If it was stomped on, then we wouldn't have to worry about running away from it. Mario said, “I remember this. Follow me!” Everyone crossed the platform river, finally making it to the mansion.

And there Daisy was, picking berries! Daisy's probably the type of person to do the safest thing ever in the most dangerous area.

“Oh, hello,” she said. 'Oh, hello?!' Mario literally had to come out of retirement just so he could save your butt!

Everyone showered her with worry, “why did she leave,” and some “they were worried” protests. Well, at least they had found her. 

Now they could stop panicking and try to find Toad’s soul. Oh, yeah, we forgot about Toad. It's a Great Zapfish situation.

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