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Does anyone remember Prodigy?

Does anyone remember Prodigy?

Posted August 30th, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in The Deepsea Metro (jk, it's Texas.)

August 30th, 2023

I joined in 2018 after seeing my elementary school teacher introduce us to Prodigy. The old anime style and the gameplay was all-too-intriguing for 8-year-old me, so there were no objections. I named myself Elizabeth Windpetal, had my starter pet as a Soral (best decision I ever made) and began to work my way up. In no time, I got a whole bunch of robes, hats, shoes and wands. It was like the Harry Potter version of Pokemon, as quoted by me when I was young. I was such an obsessive fan of Prodigy that I even said that Crios (this was the old arena so you fought a different battle system. Crios, that might be his name-was the highest wizard that gave you the Duelist wand) was my father in the game. That was a lie. I can't deny that even my classmates didn't believe me.

    Anyways, that old arena is gone. I can't get the Duelist Wand anymore nor can anyone else. Nowadays, in 8th grade, I'm a dedicated Level 90 with my Soral still there, having never leveled up. My Vinequeen (I got her after the game got remodeled to not anime) is now level 67. My name isn't Elizabeth Windpetal anymore, it's Angelina Windpetal. I'm currently considering changing my name but unfortunately there's no way to do so anymore. 

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I remember it! It was pretty

I remember it! It was pretty fun! Only thing is, I don't remember anything about it. I don't remember my pets, I don't remember my character's name, nothing. 


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Posted by The TIme Lord V... on Wed, 08/30/2023 - 16:45

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