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Editors Wanted!

Editors Wanted!

Posted July 15th, 2010 by tiny007

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by HellBabe
in Queensland

July 15th, 2010

Editors wanted!


Have a dream of becoming an editor? Well my editing team is still in need of members to help editor stories while giving Critique. Think this involves you just email me at Tiny007@hiptop.com.au or leave a comment here with his form and I’ll get back to you.




Activity level on the site (1-10):

Why you want to be an editor:

Genre’s wanted:

Contact email:



We currently are making a forum for us all to come together and share ideas as a group and see what can make it better and make this work.


We have 4 editors so far so we may start taking stories again soon. I’ll let everyone know when we are.


Thank you for your help in reading this and maybe became part of my editing team.

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I'd love to do a bit of

I'd love to do a bit of editing.

Username: Special

Activity level on the site (1-10): Um, I was pretty active, and then I took a break to edit my own story, but now I'm back, so make of that what you will...

Why you want to be an editor: I plan to be an editor and/or agent when I grow up. 'Tis practice. 

Genre’s wanted: Preferably realistic, but I can do anything but horror...

Contact email: I'd prefer not to post here where anyone can get to it, but if I need to, I can email the writer first, then they'll have my email.



Writing is not putting on a mask. It's ripping one off. ~Me.

Posted by Mac on Thu, 07/15/2010 - 19:44

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