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Escape From Island Three Trees

Escape From Island Three Trees

Posted May 10th, 2022 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

May 10th, 2022


            I jolted upright in my sleeping bag, desperately trying to remember where I was. Shuddering, I remembered. I was trapped on this deserted island. There was no way to escape. It had all started at the Friday night pizza party. My brother, Simon, was not there. He was an inventor. He was probably working on another crazy contraption. As I settled into watch ‘Island Escape 3,’ I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Eagerly, Simon motioned me into the hall.

            “Okay, okay, I’m here.” I said, rolling my eyes, “What was so important that you dragged me away from pizza night?”

            Simon held out a small gray button. “Grace, this is an invention to take you any place in the world!”

            “Cool! Can I try?” I gasped, suddenly interested. Simon knew that I loved adventure more than anything else.

            “Sure! Here is a backpack of supplies, you know, just in case.” Simon swallowed nervously and rubbed his hands together, “I hope this works!”

            I relaxed and took a deep breath. Simon handed me the button and I calmly pressed it. Fog suddenly swallowed me up and spun me around. I was tossed like a ragdoll. SPLOOSH! I was dropped into some ice-cold water. Desperately, I clawed for the surface; my face burst above just as I ran out of air. Glancing around, I saw I was in the middle of the ocean. All I could see was a small island with three trees.I swam for it with all my might. Gasping for breath, I slowly crawled onto the tiny beach. The island was about the size of my living room. It was all rocky and sandy.

            “This isn’t what I wanted at all!” I cried to the clouds.

            As I was giving myself a stern talking-to about expecting things from a button and that is not how life works, my luck completely failed and it started to rain. And it was not just a soft sprinkle. It was a heavy downpour. I even heard lightning and thunder. I immediately scrambled underneath one of the trees and stared forlornly all around me. The water stretched as far as Earth is from the Moon. This was really a horrible situation. I sighed and sat down. It was going to be a long day. Then I remembered that I had dropped Simon’s machine in the ocean when I fell in.

            After an hour of shivering in the cold, I remembered the backpack that Simon had given to me before I left. I swam out and found it only a couple of yards from the island. Shivering furiously, I staggered onto the island again. I unzipped the backpack and reached in. First, I pulled out a coat and fresh clothes. I almost shouted halleluiah. After I had changed, I hung my wet stuff up and reached into the backpack again. This time I got a sleeping bag and a small ax. Next, I got a bunch of canned food. And a can opener. Finally, I got a bunch of rope. Smiling, I laid out the sleeping bag and crawled in. I was cold, but I fell asleep surprisingly fast.

            The next morning, I awoke with a plan. I started a tiny fire to warm myself. Then I ate some corn and beans. After my wonderful breakfast, I got to work. I did some stretching and started chopping at one of the trees with my ax.

            “Timber!” I called out even though no one else was around me for miles and miles.

            Once the tree had fallen, I chopped it into five medium-sized logs. Using part of the rope, I tied the logs firmly together, forming a raft.


With the remaining rope, I tied the raft onto the island so I could not get lost and set sail. Floating out away from the island, I searched the skies and water for anything at all. I floated so far away that the rope grew tight. I searched the skies all day until I saw a dot.

 Jumping up, I waved my hands and started screaming, “I’m here! Help me! Over here! Hello! I am over here! Pick me up!”

The plane circled a couple of times. Then it left.

“No!!” I screamed, falling to my knees.

I had been so close! At nightfall, I pulled myself to shore. I made myself a nutritious dinner of corn and beans. I ate it in my tent. Then I slept. I slept and ate for a couple of hours. I did not sleep well because I was sleeping on a very hard, cold, slightly painful rocky and sandy surface. The next day, because of complete boredom, I tried to make a fishing rod which did not work very well. I tried fishing with it, but I didn’t catch anything as a result of five hours. I slept and rested a lot, which did not help my constant life-draining exhaustion. The next morning, I woke to the hum of propellers. I scrambled out of the tent so fast that I ripped it! I saw a small seaplane land on the water next to my island. I jumped in the water and swam like a maniac toward it. A man from the plane pulled me in and we left for home. During the plane ride, I had to tell everyone on the plane how I got onto a deserted island without a boat. As expected, they did not believe me when I told them that a magical button invention teleported me to this random location. We finally got home after about an hour. My whole family hugged me, Simon looking rather sheepish. Of course, I had to tell them the story also. They too did not believe me until Simon confirmed the tale. That night, Simon apologized to me about ten different times. It was almost 9:30 when I finally excused myself and sank into my wonderfully soft cushiony bed. I would never be ungrateful for a bed again. Finally, I was able to get a good night’s sleep. I was all adventured out for a lifetime.

                                                THE END



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