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Essay Thinga-ma-jigger

Essay Thinga-ma-jigger

Posted March 6th, 2013 by Mimzy

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by PencilSword
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March 6th, 2013

Hello, KP! This a thing in language arts our teacher does where she goes on Yahoo Answers or Ask or Chica or some other site like that and if she finds a question she likes she’ll print it out and bring it in to class and we all have to make a “well thought out answer” on a separate piece of paper. So this one was from a while ago and I wanted to share it with you and see what you guys think:





Should parents tell the truth about Santa Claus from the very beginning, or should they lie and break their hearts with the truth later?


My answer:


I don't think parents should tell the truth about Santa Claus from the very beginning, because that's a HUGE factor of Christmas for little kids. If nobody believes in Santa Claus, what will become of all the Christmas rituals that revolve around the existence of Santa Claus? The trees in which Santa supposedly places the presents will be pointless, there will be no reason to set out cookies before bed, there will be no significance in ringing bells at Christmas time. Also, what will become of all the children's stories about Christmas? Who will those be for?

No, we cannot simply rid our lives of Santa altogether, but I do believe that it is unfair for the child when the parent just goes right out and TELLS them he's not real just because they've gotten to a certain age. I think the best approach is simply letting them have the joy of believing until they've figured it out for themselves. That way there won't be so much sadness about it, if any, and the child will feel a bit better knowing that THEY were the ones smart enough to figure it out instead of bad memories of the day their parents told them there was no Santa before they were ready to be told.

Santa Claus is a major part of the simple joys of Christmas and to destroy him would be to crush the Christmas spirit entirely.


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I totally agree. I love

I totally agree. I love Christmas and if my mom came up to me saying that Santa doesn't exist, I'd be devastated. Without Santa bringing presents, Christmas would cease to be so fun and joyful for me. 

I do believe in Santa, though, despite the fact that I'm almost a teenager.

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