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To Everyone: A Set of Observations

To Everyone: A Set of Observations

Posted March 25th, 2020 by Gracithe1andonly

by Tía Snow
in wardly searching

March 25th, 2020

It's pointless to deny that I've been drifting away from KidPub and from all of you. I can't say goodbye--I'd be lying, I poke my head into the discord and to the mainsite too often for that. But I wanted to let everyone know that I did and do love them. I saw something in each of you many, many years ago and tried to put it into words, but I'm older now. I'm not wiser. I don't trust my own eyes, I don't trust my own sight, and if the things I thought I saw were ever in you, they may very well be gone. But some things are not worth doubting, and that you are all lovely human beings who struggle and breathe and think, that to love you was good and right--I do not doubt it. 

Here is what I thought I saw.



hello, hard one with a voice like fire

and hair to match, Ena, the Dark Calligrapher,

vehement violent voice ringing in denials

of everything i believe. i see your endless fight,

not only against externals but against yourself-

how can i help but love you?


hello, smooth one with a hot chocolate heart,

some old pain in your words but only love in your voice,

Lena, lover of words and people, imagery before and above.

you speak only to build.


hello, wise one with a scrabbling handhold,

Sravani, with a voice full of raw power,

looking after and looking up, the only one that fire trusts-

i've known you as long as i've been here.


hello, scarred one with tempestuous eyes,

Stormy, forlorn and mourning, grappling with

an external shadow. she is not too prideful

to lean on a shoulder.


hello, loud one with hands on your hips,

Madelyn, bold and brave and struggling, but strong,

and broad-shouldered. protective and hearty,

lover of all those alike and different,

a warrior, comrade to Stormy

and to me.


hello, sharp one with motherly words,

a pen, a hope and a lord to turn to,

Esther, who draws up to march onwards.


hello, you who confuse me still,

Elli, the older, the wiser,

confused yourself.


hello, lady Re,

concerned mainly with the workings of the human mind,

wishing to defend your own ground and wishing to please.

the two are not compatible.


hello, poet,

Elias, words and thoughts and philosophy and vulgarity

all blurring into one weary bleary mind, one admirable truth-seeker.

memories and ideas and moments of what must have been

written by one masterful pen.

my elder brother i name you, though blood-related we are not,

and i beg you to stretch your eyes even wider than they were.


hello, large-minded one,

Garrett of the sea and the scars and the frost and the fire.

you cast your net into the sea of stories and haul out a catch,

boat and heart and paper and pen overflowing,

world overflowing with things that matter.


hello, simple one,

Waverunner of the solutions and the dissolutions.

young one, i would mentor you, but fear keeps me silent--

but i do urge you-- do not evangelize halfway.

once you begin speaking, speak confidently with the words you are given.

Lord have mercy on us.


hello, tenacious one,

Meera, shouldering a burden greater than I can imagine,

excelling beneath it, cursing it all the while,

and sourly succeeding. flautist and composer of beautiful capability,

capable- there's the word! capable.


hello, dear girl,

Swallowtail, in a new world,

with new people, new friends, new foes;

i have seen your face and you are beautiful.


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That was beautiful, Tia. But

That was beautiful, Tia. But one thing, there's a Discord? (sorry if this is off-topic)

"You see, it doesn't matter who we are, Sophie. It's what we do." ~Lady Lesso, The School for Good and Evil

Posted by IllegalSparkles on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 13:32
Yes! There is a discord.

Yes! There is a discord. It’s been inactive lately (much like the main site,) but I can try to pin down some info for you when I’m on computer next
Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by Tía Snow on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 18:12

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