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The Evil Within (Chapter 1)

The Evil Within (Chapter 1)

Posted September 23rd, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 23rd, 2020

Sumu shot awake from her dream. She had just been dreaming about her Christmas party on the last week of school before winter break.

She rubbed her eyes and strolled over to the living room and almost tripped on the Christmas tree rug on the floor. Oh, right. It was

Christmas day. Sumu sleepily stared at the clock. 7 am. She heard someone else come in the room, and saw that it was her parents,

Taiyo and Henry. Taiyo had survived falling out her demon parent's attic and at the age 25, married Samu's father, Henry. "Oh, hi guys!"

Samu waved as her robe-wearing parents strolled into the living room. "Good morning, honey," Taiyo said and gave Samu a kiss on the

forehead. Henry said "Good morning," as he kissed her and said, "So, you want to open presents now?" Samu had not realized the 4

presents under the tree at first, and now she was too surprised to open them, but at the same time excited so she started ripping the

wrapping off of a small present. It was the necklace she had always wanted, with the 3 stars in the middle. The second present was a pair

of heels, the third present was a dress, and the final present was a desk fan. "Merry christmas," Taiyo said, but Henry barged in, saying:

"Wait, there's 2 more presents." Sumu stared as her father pulled 2 presents from the closet, one small and one big. As Henry laid

the presents down, Sumu opened the small present and stared at the case with the words "Playstation" to the left side. The main case read:

"Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within" 

Sumu knew it was a video game, but she didn't have the console, so she opened the big present, and to her surprise, there inside was a

PS1 console. However, she was confused. "Clock Tower?" she asked. "Why did you get me this game?" Taiyo said, "You'll have to figure

that out on your own. " Sumu did not touch the game nor the PS1 till later until 6 pm, where Sumu was going to her cousin's house to

celebrate Christmas. She had on her necklace, her dress and heels. However, later when they were approaching the house, another car

drove in front of them and crashed right into Sumu's car, causing it to spin out into the valley below. Sumu and her parents were not hurt,

but all the windows were cracked and a small gap was on the front window. "I'm calling help," Taiyo said, as she dialed the cousins to

come help. The cousins came to where the car had fallen, picked Sumu out of the car, and her parents got out on their own. Since their

house was near the cliff, Sumu managed to make it to the house and had a nice meal with her parents. Little did Sumu know, that crash

was caused by something much worse than just a car.

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