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The Evil Within (Chapter 4) (Last one for the day)

The Evil Within (Chapter 4) (Last one for the day)

Posted September 24th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 24th, 2020

"What? What is going on?" Sumu wondered as she went downstairs. She smelled something burning as she stared at the oven. "Oh no!"

Sumu yelled, grabbed the fire extinguisher, and sprayed it at the flaming oven. Taiyo jumped back, gasping for air, and when the kitchen

was free of smoke, Taiyo said, "What the heck just happened? I was cooking, and- and-" 

Sumu said, "Now, now. I've put out the fire." Sumu returned to bed, and finally got to sleep without thinking of Mayonaka.

The next morning when she woke up, she started to reach for her backpack when she realized, "Oh, that's right. No school." Sumu took her

hand away from her backpack as she got out of her bed, put on her robe and strolled over to the living room where her parents had already

removed the Christmas tree. Henry strolled into the room and said, "If you don't play with the PS1, we'll have to sell it." Sumu ignored her

father, he was only playing with her. In just a few seconds, he'd say "Just kidding." and it came. "Oh, all right," Sumu said and ran over to

the PS1. A loud startup scared her, but then the companies who made the game appeared on the screen, calming her down. But then yet

another scary startup. "Mom, why did you choose this game? I see nothing related to me, like you promised." Taiyo stared at Sumu and

said, "Like I said, you'd need to find that out on your own." After a few minutes of gameplay, Sumu found out that the main protagonist

(Alyssa) had another from called Bates possessed her ocassionally. A memory flashed back to Sumu's time on kindergarden...


Sumu was playing at recess, when all of a sudden some bullies pushed her over. "Hey, nerd," one of them teased. "Shut up," Sumu replied,

walking away, not looking back. "You know, you're a real dorkface," the bully that called her a nerd replied while kicking her aside the swing

set. Sumu was already past her limits, so she screamed, "Did you hear what I said?" The bullies wouldn't leave her alone. But then the

leader said something like this to Sumu, "What sin could we have possibly commited to have you here."

Sumu had it. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!! SHUT UUUP!!!" she wailed as she felt herself lifting off the ground. She wasn't Sumu anymore.

She was Shinu. A gust of wind blew from under Shinu's feet, kicking the bullies off. Shinu felt herself turn back to Sumu, and said, "That's

what you get." Not surpisingly, the teacher had noticed this and suspended Sumu from kindergarden for a long time.


Sumu felt tears pressing out then let it all out, she now knew why Taiyo had bought her the game. So Sumu would understand someone

like her had this as well. "Mom, I know know why you bought this," Sumu sobbed. Taiyo hugged her daughter and said, "I'm sorry, I had

no idea this would make you cry..."

"No, I should keep playing," Sumu said.

Little did Sumu know, Mayonaka inside was whispering, "Mission failed, we'll get em' next time."


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