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Extra Effort

Extra Effort

Posted November 7th, 2017 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

November 7th, 2017

Lax Chassis was a boy above average intelligence, with the capacity to exceed in all topics and curricular activities if he set his mind to it.


But in reality, this capacity had rarely been noticed, for the extra effort required to yield a good harvest of test results was one he had never attempted to recreate. Although the sour fruit which a lack of dedication and commitment could affect Lax’s scores, it was not obvious in his assessments. In fact, not at all. This purely occurred by natural ability; compare him to an F1 tyre, where he would run smoothly until he wore out. This wear didn’t look like it would occur soon. So whenever someone else would identify this lack of extra work or revision, Lax did not seem to distinguish between whether he would listen or not as he wasn’t being negatively affected. Oh, Lax. Little did he know that the consequence of no extra commitment was most surely a long-term one.


Of which the side effects could be noticed. But not in an academic manner.


But in that of common sense, forgetfulness and lax…


One early morning in early Winter, Lax awoke and got ready to go to school. His maths test result would be announced today, but he felt unnerved. Contemplating this unique emotion, he walked to the train station, and he eventually realised that his lack of confidence was due to a lack of preparation. ‘Maybe this is the side effect of no extra commitment’, he thought, and pondered over whether everyone was correct about him.


He called his friend - who was already at the station - as he was walking.


“I will not be able to catch the early train. Please could you wait for me?” Lax spoke.




Then Lax thought about what would happen if he did try. All his conceptualised thoughts extracted successful conclusions. Lax eventually decided that he would make a sincere effort to change for the better…


Now, as I watch him on television, I am proud to call Lax Chassis my brother…


This story, to those who have read it, has a moral, obviously. If you feel this can apply to you, believe me, extra effort can never be bad. 

I hope you understand, and realise that no one has ever reached perfection, but some people have got closer to it than others.

Extra Effort, when understood by an individual, and practised regularly, brings great success.

From me, Arnav, I wish you the best of luck for the future, and hope you get as close as you can to that perfection which you have formed in your mind.

After all, everyone's vision of perfection, is different, just like Kettle chips and fingerprints.


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