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fall in love

fall in love

Posted February 4th, 2020 by HannahChen2009

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by echo (*Jill*)
in magination

February 4th, 2020

i fall in love,
quickly, and without hesitation

how could i not?
when there is so much good
yet so many lonely souls

it takes everything in me
not to wrap every last person in an embrace
and to envelop them in my arms

but in particular i love you
and i love your kindness
and i hope you have someone to hold you
like i have someone to hold me

i've loved your soul
and your overwhelming courage
since i first saw your downcast eyes
seven years ago
and i shall love you
until the end of time
till i am able to love no more

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just an a/n because i'm on

just an a/n because i'm on mobile and editing on my phone is hard:
i was thinking about how i don't see so many love poems for friends, and yeah you can fall in love with a lover, but it's so important to love our friends too, and while talking to an aro friend about the person (this poem is about), was suddenly overwhelmed by platonic love for them.
thanks for being there for me, for seven years. you may not have known me the longest, and you may not know me the best, but you have my everlasting love for you. <3

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Tue, 02/04/2020 - 14:31
i love this, it's so

i love this, it's so sweet!  i love the idea of platonic love being represented because it is definitely important!  this poem really captures the emotion and strength of your bond with your friend! :)


"Today is going to be a good day and here's why: because today, today at least you're you - and that's enough." -Dear Evan Hansen

Posted by it's great to b... on Thu, 02/06/2020 - 16:45
thank you! I haven't logged

thank you! I haven't logged on in forever so this was so pleasant to log on to. hope you're doing great lately! lots of love <3

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Wed, 03/25/2020 - 00:22

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