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the family reunion

the family reunion

Posted February 4th, 2021 by elalex

by Ella
in California

February 4th, 2021

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?: let her finish!


Samantha's POV Me:


?: Samy!!!!!!!!

Emilio: uh who's that?

Me: oh this is Elliot. Elliot this is Emilio, Ella's twin.

Emilio: wassup bro?

Elliot: I'm just chillin'

Emilio: Wait, Samantha, you called him Ellie?

Me: oh yeah, he's my boyfriend.

Emilio: oooohhhh I get it so then that's why Elliot called you Samy!

Me and Elliot kissed.

Emilio and Ella: eeeewwww go in a room and do that!!!!!

everyone laughed.

?: hi everyone!

Ella's POV

Me: Phoebe!

Phoebe: Ella!

me and Phoebe hugged. then I saw Adam look at Phoebe and Phoebe looked back.

Adam: feebs!

Phoebe: Addy! they kissed.

Emilio and Ella: eeeewwww go in a room and do that!!!!!

we laughed again

Emilio: sooo who's your girlfriend Tyler?

Tyler: I dunno.

Emilio: do you even. . . .

?: Hi everyone!!!!!!

Tyler's POV

Me: Rainy!!!! ?: Ty-ty!!!!!!

Emilio: um who's that? Me: that's my girlfriend, Raina. Raina, this is Ella's twin Brother Emilio.

Raina: Hi!

?: It's great to see my family again! after three days.

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