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the family reunion

the family reunion

Posted February 4th, 2021 by elalex

by Ella
in California

February 4th, 2021

Delete ShoutEdit ShoutElla's POV

Everyone was staring at me with confusion in their eyes.

Me: what?

Samantha: why does he speak in sentences that aren't complete?

me: ohhh right i forgot to tell you that he is Melsian and that he doesn't know much english because he spoke Mels growing up at home. it's his first language and he just moved here in the year 1700 cause this year is 1759. he was born in 1688.

everyone but me: oooohhhhh. that-that makes sense. but how do you know so much about him?

Me: he told me before the divorce.

Samantha: oooooookkkkkkaaaaayyyy

Me: yea so what now?

Emilio's POV

Me: tag your it! heehee

Ella: Oh you are on c'mon guys!

Me: ( Gasps ) look at that!

that gasp was true. it was a unicorn with it's horn growing out of it's chin, eyes on his butt, legs on it's back, head on his stomach, and one wing at the front and one at the back with a License plate! it said UNICORN.


Everyone: NO!

all of us sudden, there was a POOF and the unicorn was back to normal and it flew away.

Ella's POV

Me: this day is so weird.

Emilio: yeah I agree.

Colton: same

Kayden: anyway, tag your it!

Emilio: oh you are so on come on let's go!

Audrey: can't get meee!

Hector: Audrey your on the fence that doesn't-

Kayden: tag! your it.

Hector: aw come on anyway that doesn't count so get down.

Audrey: oooooookkkkkkaaaaayyy

suddenly I felt something, like a super powerful blast of energy! I sneezed and ice came out, freezing Hector, who was it.

Kayden: what the-

Me: sorry

Kayden's POV

Me: your hands are glowing! bright teal! my favourite!

Ella: yea your right

Just then I felt a blast of energy.

I put my hands out to touch Ella's when water came out of mine and got Ella soaked

Me: oops sorry.

Ella: that's fine wait your hands are orange!

Me: oh yea cool!

Audrey's POV

I felt a blast of energy and my hands turned red. I went over to see how cold the ice was but when I touched him the ice around him melted. I had the power of heat.

Me: guys guys I have the power of heat! When i touched hector the ice melted.

Ella & Kayden: Wow! your hands are red!

Hector: Thanks for melting the ice Audrey.

Me: no Problem

Hector's POV

Then I felt energy wave through me and my hands turned yellow! I lifted up Ella no problem.

Ella: woah you have super strength!

Audrey: and your hands are yellow!

Kayden: cool!

Samantha's POV

There was a lot of commotion over by the house so me and the others went to see what it was all about and when we got there we couldn't believe what our eyes were telling us....

Me: YOU GUYS HAVE SUPERPOWERS???????!!!!!!!!!!!

Just then I felt some energy in me and i raced around the backyard in like 2 seconds. i had super speed!

Ella: wow!

Kayden: awesome!

Audrey: your hands are blue!

Me: cool!

then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a blast from Raina!

Me: Raina, what happened?

Raina: woah tools! a hoverboard!

Colton: your hands are green! you have energy tools!

Raina: wow who would have thought!

Me: thought what?

Raina: that we would have superpowers duh!

Me: oh ok

Colton's POV

I felt energy as I jumped up and started to go up up up! at first I thought that i was dead and going to heaven. when I stopped floating, I was flying! my hands were pink, as I soared through the fresh air grinning from ear to ear. i loved this, and it was something i would never forget.

Me: look look I am flying!!!!!!!!!

Ella: wow!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha: amazing!

Adam: what's happening over here and where's Colton?

Me: Up here!

Adam: wow!

Adam's POV

Suddenly I glowed and I started to grow.

Me: Everything's shrinking!

Ella: No your growing and that's a big superpower

Me: cool! Colton:

your hands are amber! Me: awesome!

Ella: Colton, can you puh-lease get down from there?!

Colton: Fiiiiine

Phoebe: I'm super small!

Me: here lemme help ya.

Ella: No she means that its her superpower!

Me: wow!

Elliot's POV

I come over to the others with Emilio, Tyler, and Raina behind me and I see a rainbow of colors.

Me: what's happening over-

Emilio: YOU HAVE SUPERPOWERS????????!!!!!!!!!

Me: there's the Voice. ( Sigh )

Raina, Tyler, Emilio and I were clamoring to see who had what power and Ella whistled. Everyone got in line as Dad came out

Dad: what happen? Ella: hi dad, Were busy, your exused

Dad: arna bant!

He left and we all gave Ella confused expressions.......

Ella: it means okay bye.

Me: Arna Bant? Really?

Ella: mm-hm

Me: Huh.

Suddenly, Me, Emilio, Raina, and Tyler blasted with glowed as energy washed through our bodies.

Hector: look it's happening to them to!

Ella: Yes I realize that!

I had invisibility, Emilio could heal anything, Tyler had telekinesis, and Raina could teleport anywhere

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I love the story! it  took

I love the story! it  took me a while to read it all but it is good. 


It's not just a matter of trusting yourself but testing your abilities - Joseph Sugarman

Posted by Ryoko on Fri, 02/05/2021 - 11:34
Zi like the story

yessmileyZi like the story

Posted by BestBunnies101 on Sun, 03/07/2021 - 15:14

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