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the family reunion

the family reunion

Posted February 7th, 2021 by elalex

by Ella
in California

February 7th, 2021

Dad's POV

Ring Ring Ring Ring!  The Phone Rang nonstop. i finally picked up. 

Me: Hello Alexander Residence. this is Christopher Kim Alexander Speaking. To Whom Am i speaking to?

Caller: hi i am jesse. your the father of the duodecaplets correct?

me: yea so?

Jesse: I am in trouble, have they found their powers?

me: How do you know so much?

Jesse: i am the father of your work boss, Joan.

me: oooooohhhhh okay I don't know if they've-

Duodecaplets: DAD DAD WE HAVE SUPERPOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!

me: hahahahahahaha so know powers?

Ella: yeah!

me: Arna bant!

Ella: Bye!

Jesse: so they know?

Me: Yeah! what's the problem?

Jesse: Well alot my son is stuck in a building on fire, My wife and our other children are drowning, everything's frozen, and something just got stolen from my museum! Can puh-lease Help!?

Me: don't worry I'll tell them immediately! bant! i Mean Bye!

Jesse: bye!

Ella's POV

We were playing hide and seek. I was it. I snuck across the yard when i heard rustling in the bushes. 

Me: Got you!

Kayden: aw already?

Just then the back door swung open revealing dad. 

Dad: Problem Rescue Help!

Me: Ssssshhhhhhh!

 Dad: sorry!

Me: what's happening?

Dad: Get Everyone inside quickly!

I whistled and everyone came out. 

Everyone: What the matter! what's the matter!

Me: Dad?

Dad: My boss's father just called. it's an emergency!

Kayden: ( gasps ) our first mission!

Me: or our only mission, he's the only one that knows hit us dad!

Dad: okay so apparently, his son is stuck in a building on fire, his wife and his other children are drowning, everything's frozen, and something just got stolen from his museum!

Raina: oh that's terrible!

me: I know and we're gonna take care of it! why else would we have these powers? dad your excused.

Dad: Arna bant!

me: bye! 

Kayden: what now?

Me: we have to save them, for this mission I need; Kayden! You have to put out the fire and get his son out of the building. 

Kayden: Let's get wet!

Me: Tyler, I need you to save the people from drowning.

Tyler: It's getting windy and a chance of tyler!

Me: what's that supposed to mean? 

Tyler: oops I meant, I'll pick you up later!

Me: Hector, Adam, and Audrey i need you to melt the ice. 

Hector: Nothing's to heavy for me!

Adam: time to think big!

Audrey: Im ready for a red hot rescue!

Me: the rest of you are with me. oh except Emilio. you need to go with Kayden and heal the son.

Emilio: I can heal anything!

Me: alright we'll never fail if we stick together! let's roll!

At the building

Son: help!!!!!

Kayden: don't worry we're here to help!

time skip

Kayden: Emilio?!

Emilio: Right, Healing power!

Kayden: Water power!

the fire was out and the son was healed.

Kayden: alright let's go ( calls Me ) Mission accomplished Commander!

Me: alright go to the drown sight.

Kayden: on it!

Meanwhile at the drown sight 

Woman and three kids: help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler: don't worry we are here to help!

Colton landed, and Kayden and Emilio got over here. Tyler used his telekinesis powers to lift the woman to shore, while Colton got the 3 kids to safety. 

Kayden: Emilio! heal them!

Emilio: right; all done

Colton: good news Ella, The fire's out and the family is safe!

Me: good work everyone, now go to the ice sight.

everyone: on it!

Meanwhile at the ice sight

Adam: this might take awhile

just then Kayden, Colton, Emilio, and Tyler got to the ice sight.

Hector: good your just in time. this is gonna take awhile.

Colton: It doesn't have to. Tyler come over here. flying power!

Colton took off with Tyler in his arms, while Tyler used his telekinesis powers to lift the ice.

Tyler: It's not going well.

Hector: I got this. 

Hector pounced on the ice and broke half of it and Tyler sucked it up.

Adam: My turn!

Adam grew and grew then pounced on the ice causing an earthquake.

Adam: Mission accomplished!

Kayden: Ice clear!

Me: Good now meet us at the museum!

Meanwhile at the museum

Me: okay we're here.

Jesse: oh Ella thank goodness your here!

just then the rest of the duodecaplets came to the museum.

Jesse: good your all here they are in the museum right now!!!!!

Me: who the burglars?

Jesse: yes where is my family?

Jesse's kids: Daddy!!!!!

Jesse: alright alright they're here now  rescue?

Me: okay okay guys c'mon! Elliot go inside with your power.

Elliot: got it!

Samantha: Good luck Elliot!

Elliot: ( through comm ) uh guys? there are about 5 burglars in here and I can't do this myself so help?

Me: on our way. Cmon! stop right there!

Burglar 1: the 12 powered kids! 

Burglar 2: get them!

Adam grew, Colton went up and Tyler tossed all the burglars around with telekinesis. 

Tyler: Adam, catch!

Adam: out ya go! whoo! 1 down 4 more to go!

Kayden: Ella? a little help?

I froze the burglar.

me: Adam!

Adam: Whoo! 2 down 3 to go!

Samantha was over in the back making 1 of them dizzy.

Samantha: hahahahaha take that! Adam!

Adam: 3 down 2- woah! 1 to go! whooooooohooooooo!!!!!!!! 

Burglar 5: Pow! yea take that #12! haha!

Adam: hey don't you hurt Phoebe! Emilio! someone needs healing! Imma crush that burglar!

Adam smashed Burglar 5 to his death while Emilio hurt Phoebe and the rest of us cleaned up the mess from the fight .


Adam: oh yeah!!!! yeah!

Phoebe: pow!

Elliot: yes!

Me: alright everyone back home! 

Everyone but me: Yes Ma'am!

We all got in our vehicles and drove home. 

Dad's POV

I was at Jesse's Museum and watched the whole thing happen while no one was aware.

Me: those are some pretty good kids .

Jesse: yeah wait what ? whatcha doing here ?!

Me: oh ya know just snuck over. haha!

Jesse: haha yeah but I got to admit that I definitely agree with you that those are some pretty good people awesome !

Me: yeah I'm lucky to be they're father. heehee.


A/N: oh yeah 1k words baby! yeah! woo! like the story? so far? more chapters comin' soon!

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l don't like it I love it!

l don't like it

I love it! Great story!


It's not just a matter of trusting yourself but testing your abilities - Joseph Sugarman. 

Posted by Ryoko on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 17:23
love it 

love it heartlaughsmileyyeswinkkiss

Posted by BestBunnies101 on Mon, 04/12/2021 - 08:45

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