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The Feather in the Wind

The Feather in the Wind

Posted January 4th, 2017 by Garebear3599

by Garebear
in Indiana

January 4th, 2017

The city of Florence was quiet besides a few chirps from some birds flying by. The city was beautifully decorated in primary colors and flowers. The women were dressed in beautiful long dresses, while the men were dressed in raggedy, but satisfying clothing. I was sent to get some fresh fruit for dinner by my mother. Until I noticed something was off about everyone. The loud commotion I was used to turned into silent whispers almost like gossip. The silence was soon broken by a shriek of horror. All pedestrians stopped and turned to the wooden scaffolding. There stood a man in fine clothing and potato sack over his head. There was a rope connected to a beam hanging from the top. The other connection was wrapped around his neck read to snap his frail neck. A man stood next to him in a captain uniform for the military. The shine of his sword sent a chill down my spine.

            The captain began to speak to the crowd of people, “This man has been captured due to his acts of murder, thievery, and assassination attempt of the emperor.”

            The captain grasped the sack and ripped it off his head.

            “This is who we fear?” The captain said laughing.

            “Dad!” I screamed in shock.

            I charged forward and felt a surge of pain in my head. Before the darkness consumed me I saw the lever be pulled and my father dangled lifeless. Then there was darkness.

            I was awoken by my mother standing over with an ice cold rag burning my forehead.

            “They killed Dad!” I yelled with tears in my eyes.

            “Garrett your father told me that this day was soon to come, but we’ve hid it from you forever. I’m sorry. All I can tell you is that your father needs you to go to his office. The truth will be revealed to you.” My mom explained to me.

            I was confused, but marched down the hall to my father’s office. There I found a dark wooden box with a book inside that left a very earie sensation in the back of my mind. I flipped open the book to the front cover and saw a feather stamped in black ink. I began skimming my finger along the fine paper as I read what seemed to be my father’s journal.

            I read a sentence that caught my attention aloud, “The key to becoming unnoticed is to be a feather flowing through the wind.”

            I turned the page, but there were no more words. Instead there was a little compartment with a key inside. I touched the key and my vision became blurry and caused me to be dazed. The room was a dark blue now, but the painting of my father on the wall was pulsating a red color. I walked over and took the painting off the wall. A brick was outlined red. I managed to chisel out the brick and noticed a slot for a key. I put the key in and twisted. The bookcase next to me slid open revealing a secret passage. I walked over and felt an ice cold breeze hit me in the face. The passage reeked of a musty smell which made feel a little Closter phobic. I walked down the unstable wooden stairs to a chest. I slowly opened the chest creating a creaking echo. I reached in and managed to pull out a silky white outfit with a hood and a beak at the tip. I reached down further and found a bracer with what seemed to be a blade that ejected out when I pressed a button. At the bottom was a letter labeled, “Garrett.”

            I opened the letter and read, “Well my son it seems the time has come. You are all grown up and ready to follow in your father’s footsteps. You are now a part of the guild known as the Assassins. You are to live to protect the world from men known as the crusaders. Do not live for revenge. Live to assassinate those who plan to kill those who have done no wrong. There are a lot of corrupt people in this world that need to be replaced and you are the solution. We don’t kill. We solve problems in matters that can only be solved with brute force. Now go my son and finish what I have started. I love you Garrett.”

            Tears began to smear the ink on the paper. I looked over at the outfit on the floor and knew what must be done. I changed into the white and felt the silk against my skin. It almost felt right. I wrapped the bracer around my arm and clicked the button to release the blade.

            I headed outside to the city. The sun glistened my outfit and I needed to stay out of the street to not look like I’m out of place. I headed up a building grasping everything that would give me some leverage. I ran across the roof tops until I saw the stone brick watchtower where the man who killed my father slept. The bright sun turned into a glowing moon and lead me to believe it was time to strike. I jumped for the open window that lead to the middle of the watchtower. There was some commotion to my left. I planted myself against a wall and heard the man getting closer. I grabbed him by his shirt threw him in the corner. I held my wrist to his throat and released the blade. A gargle of blood was spoken by the man until he faded away. My first kill, but not the last. I walked up the spiral stairs to a door and knocked hard on the door. The sound of footsteps came closer to the door. I readied my blade and prepared to pounce. The door unlocked and slowly opened. I kicked the door causing the captain to fall to the floor. His eyes spoke of fear as I approached him.

            “You killed my father. What is your stance?” I whispered as I inched closer.

            “You’re just another assassin ready to die. Why do I care? Kill me. It’s what you are all good at anyway.” He stuttered in fear.

            I held my wrist to his stomach and released.

            I spoke softly to him, “The darkness consumes those who falter with society. I will the gods choose your fate, but now it was my hand who had to send you to the trial.”

            The captain’s eyes turned into a blank stare and his breath continued no more. I reached for his eyes and closed them.

            “Sleep well.” I whispered one last time.

            I heard metal footsteps running up the stair. I sheathed the blade and charged for the window. I jumped into the glowing moonlight and felt the wind blow across my face. I was the feather of the wind now.

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