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flaming garbage Ch 1

flaming garbage Ch 1

Posted May 6th, 2019 by Twilight

by lemongrass
in Rhode Island

May 6th, 2019

Before I start; im not a furry qwq

Also im not quite sure what time period this is in, it’s kinda a mix of multiple

I dont know what to name anything either :P

Also, this is just me spitting out random thoughts in my head lol

Okay ill stop being annoying hERe wE Go

Toby sat down on a fallen log next to a small pond. It was raining that morning, hard, but she felt only the occasional drop as the trees above created a natural umbrella. Mushrooms dotted around her feet, the small pointy red ones. Pond weeds blew around in the wind, and turtles could be seen at the far end of the dark blue water. A toad bellowed loudly, and she sighed. Tucking a lock of short white hair behind her ear, she inhaled deeply, and tried to keep this moment preserved in her brain. She opened her crystal blue eyes, glancing to the left of her, for she heard crashing in the undergrowth. Realizing she didn’t want to be in the way of whatever coming through, she crouched behind a bush, staring at the direction of the loud noises. After some more noises, out tumbled a baby fox, jumping around. It stopped, and stared at Toby. She was hiding behind the bush- how the hell could it have seen her? She stepped out, and smiled, speaking in Common.

“Hi. I’m Toviah.” It stared at her blankly, then replied with,

“Rosine. Why were you watching me?”

“I thought you were something larger. I didn’t want to be trampled by a moose this morning.” Rosine smiled, seemingly happy that it had scared Toby.

“Well, maybe I’ll see you around, Toviah.” It said, and ran off.

Toby stood there, confused, shook her head, and walked off silently, making sure not to be as loud as the fox. She didn’t want to get killed by a creature today.

After about two or three hours of trudging along, the trees started to thin out, and great plains appeared, stretching as far as the eye could see. Hills and valleys spanned out, green grass and the occasional tree accompanying them. Floating islands dotted the sky, almost as common as clouds, with waterfalls and forests on their surfaces. Toby walked on top of a stone wall for a while longer, until she reached a small cottage, her home. The cottage was in front of a hill. The hill had some trees on top, nothing too amazing. A floating island, however, was right above the cottage, and it had a waterfall, which had been turned into a water supply for Toby’s family. The island also had trees atop it, with a rope bridge stretching from the island to the hill. An eight-foot water wheel had been placed carefully where the water landed, and a handmade tunnel had been dug, supplying the small farm adjacent to the cottage with water.  The house was always in the shade of the island, which was nice during the summer, but awful during the winter. The stone wall cut out right next to the hill, and Toby hopped off of it and went inside, dreading what awaited her.

“Where have you been all morning!? Jessie and Tybalt have nearly starved to death, and I’ve had to give them the last of the hardtack while waiting for you. I haven’t been able to go work on the crops, because I’ve been watching Jessie and Tybalt, which means I’m going to get scolded too. Terrowin and Rowan are up on the hill, and they’re probably hungry. And so am I. So wash up, and get cooking before I lose my mind. Do you understand?” Carac, Toby’s older brother, was standing in the doorway, his hands on his hips, glaring daggers at her. Carac was eighteen, tall, and annoying. He had short brown hair, a goatee, and two long horns on his forehead. His feet and legs were that of a ram, and he had fur up to his stomach, so he was only wearing a thin flannel shirt, along with a loincloth. Glaring at Toby, he purposefully bumped into her as he went out the door.

Toby sighed and went into the small kitchen, where the two toddlers were sitting on the floor, playing and eating with… wait. They were eating one of Toby’s sweaters!

“Oh, Fie!” She cried, tugging it out of their grasp and looking at the damage. Jessie giggled. There were some holes in the arms and around the neck. Oh well, it was still wearable. The family didn’t have much money to toss around. She went over to the family’s clothing chest, and opened it to see nothing else had been taken out. Hold up. Everything was still neatly folded. Carac must have given it to them! What an ass. She folded it up, put it away, and went over to the small sink to wash her face and hands. Looking at herself in the mirror above, she scowled. Large, crystalline blue eyes, with sheep-like pupils, pale skin, orange-brown freckles, and wavy white hair stretching to her shoulders was what greeted her in the mirror. She had two white-yellow horns protruding from her forehead, also. Her ears were that of a goat. She was wearing a large brownish gray sweatshirt, and blue ripped jeans, along with red converse. A sheep’s tail poked out of a hole in the bottom of her jeans. From her elbows down she was wearing dirty bandages, from experiences with her father and her brother she wasn’t entitled to talk about.

After washing up, she reached into the ice chest and pulled out four small potatoes, some leeks, three carrots, and a skinned chicken (which made her nose wrinkle). Picking up Jessie and Tybalt, she brought them to the large bed that was for the males of the family. She set them down, giving them a small doll made of hay to mess with. Jessie, the youngest girl, was quite cute, despite her devilish tendencies. She had soft strawberry blonde curls, with green eyes and sheep ears, along with a sheep’s tail. Otherwise, she was human. Tybalt was almost a copy of Jessie since they were twins, but Tybalt had shorter hair and two small stubby horns. He wasn’t devilish at all, he was a complete angel. Giggling and playing with each other, Toby confirmed they would be fine. She took a large pot outside to the wheel and filled it almost to the brim, ignoring Carac near her. Heading back in, she made a small fire in the fireplace and set the pot over it, cutting up the vegetables and seasoning the water.

A while later, delicious soup was made, and Toby ran outside and rung a bell at the bottom of the hill, attached to a wooden lamp post. The bell would tell Terrowin and Rowan that the food was ready. Carac, too. (Unfortunately.) She went back in, cleaning up and grumbling about being the mother of the family. She served Jessie and Tybalt some food, cleaned them up, and went up to the small loft, where she collapsed on the second small bed and grabbed a book. It was titled, “The Adventures of Ms Hiliscope Rogers.” Beren Hiliscope was a cat-human hybrid that went to many interesting places around the world and never went back to her home. Toby wanted to do that someday. After about two minutes, Carac came in, served himself (quite a lot) of soup, scarfed it all down, and left, the bowl still on the table. Toby glared at it, but went back to reading. Almost immediately after, Terrowin and Rowan came crashing in, laughing and giggling. Rowan was a year younger than Toby, Terrowin being two years younger. Rowan was built like Carac- he was also wearing just a simple loincloth and flanel shirt. Terrowin’s arms were sheep-like, but her hands were human. Her feet and up were all sheep-like until her waist, where she was human there. She had soft blonde hair, while had had black hair, and she and Rowan seemed to be inseparable.

“They’re just kids, they shouldn’t have to do any chores.” Was Carac’s argument.

“We’re only two years apart.” Toby would counter, and then Carac would whip her arms and hands. Toby learned to just agree with Carac. When her father was home, it was worse. Her father would whip her back. She never really talked around them anymore. Sighing loudly, she left her book open and went to clean the dishes everyone had left.


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