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The Gardener - Making fun of an old story of mine

The Gardener - Making fun of an old story of mine

Posted July 15th, 2017 by YoungAuthor

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by Elora
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July 15th, 2017

Hey Everyone, this is just a small story I wrote but never finished. I saw someone do this in past, and so I wanted to try it. Basically, in this post, I'm just making fun of my old writing (because I don't really even remember this story). Enjoy!


“There,” I say, sighing heavily as I sit on the sidewalk.

“Alright dear,” My mom says, “you can go wash up and get ready for the ceremony, I’ll be right behind you.”


What is this ceremony? Seriously, I don't remember.


“Okay, see you in a few minutes,” I say and exit the greenhouse. It’s a short walk to the office building where our government-provided apartment is. There are some benefits when you’re one of the few people on Earth who can keep a plant living. It’s cheap work but it keeps us alive. I press a dirt covered hand against the scan pad and walk into the elevator as the machine rings in recognition. I hold back a laugh when an elderly businessman finds the dirty scan pad and presses a reluctant hand against it and steps into the elevator with me. I smile at him, showing him the lilac stem I was chewing and wave a muddy hand at him before we get off the elevator.


I don't even know if lilac stems are edible...


He glares at me but I move on and look for our apartment door.


Why does he glare at her exactly?


I arrive there quickly and rush inside to take a shower. A shower is a luxury here because they only have a few rooms that have one.

The winds and the flames make up a majority of the population here, and there are extremely few waters. I’m a nature and we’re also low in number here in Droy Valley, and so there’s only a couple of showers for waters visitors, and for the natures who live here.



I think it was some sort of world where everyone was supposed to be associated with an element. But what do the others do? Simply not take showers?



As soon as I soak up enough water I put on loose, green dress, green to represent the colors of the natures. Everyone dresses up in the traditional color of their element the day of the ceremony, and my dirt shoes. That’s right, dirt shoes.


Did she just say "soak up enough water"? And is this an infomercial now? :) - That's right, dirt shoes...and if you order in the next ten minutes, we'll throw in a second pair of dirt shoes free! Plus, the punctuation/sentence structure of that second sentence bothers me. Ugh!


At all times, elements have to in some way be attached to their element. I have to wear shoes full of dirt and roots, flames have to wear heated shoes, winds have to wear shoes that blast wind in them, and the waters have to wear shoes full of water in them. The winds don’t have to worry too much about element deficiency but the rest of us have to make sure we’re always nearby in case of an emergency. If an element person is away from their element for too long, they become weak and faint as if they have hypoglycemia and they haven’t eaten food in a while.


There was probably an easier thing to compare it to.


Anyways, as soon as I’m dressed, I head out the door and find that my mom came in and got ready while I was getting dressed.

“Ready to go, Anne?” My mom asks. Anne isn’t my real name. My real name is Chrysanthemum, after the orange colored flower that sprouts in the fall.


At first, I was like “Anne? Really. I usually do more unusual names than that. Then I read the next few sentences. Also, I have no idea if that flower sprouts in the fall. Did I ever do any research when I was younger?



“Yes,” I say and we start towards the ceremony. We get there right on time because as soon as we stop to take our seats, the woman at the front begins to speak.

“Let’s begin the announcement shall we?”


In my old document, this is where it ends. I don’t remember what’s supposed to happen next. Maybe I never did. Maybe that’s why this story is only a chapter long… Hope you enjoyed this. :)





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