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#1 The two friends ( originally named The ghost in A school

#1 The two friends ( originally named The ghost in A school

Posted June 8th, 2011 by kayleejh9

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by In No Rush for Life (I.N.R.L)
in wherever my mind takes me to

June 11th, 2011

By Kaylee, Looking to make sure it is safe



In a school lives a ghost, or two. This story has tragedy, romance, and adventure. Beware of the evil spirits in this book. Hold on tight to these two good ghosts, and never leave their side.


Chapter 1

It was the second day of school. Everyone feared about the two ghosts, Ian and Lizzie. They haunted the school.

Ian was a 3rd grader, he was never happy. One day he broke his arm and cried. No one came to help him. He cried all the water out of his body. And that is how he died.

Lizzie was also a 3rd grader. She was claimed to be a witch. One day, she fell. And did not get back up. A 2nd grader touched her and said this " Oh no! Not Lizzie! Help! Help! Lizzie!" and he began to cry. Ian the ghost looked at Lizzie. Then he felt a ice cold touch. He looked behind him to see Lizzie, her face red from crying. Lizzie said this "I will make us come back alive. I promise."

"Lizzie, we can't do anything, on the same day we both died. It has been 24 hours already." said Ian. "I can do this." she said. Lizzie put some things into a pot. The water in it turned pink, then peach. "I did it!" she cried in joy. Her body was in the same place where she died. Same with Ian.

Lizzie poured some of the potion in two cups. She gave one cup to Ian. "Go to the same place where you died." she said.

Lizzie was at where she died. She drank the potion. She lied down and her spirit sank into her body. She was now alive. But, she could talk to ghosts. "Lizzie!" yelled the 2nd grader. "I stayed up all night giving you CPR. And it worked!"

Ian drank his cup. His spirit also sank into his body. He was the same way like Lizzie.

After they went home, something was totally wrong.

"Lizzie, we need to talk to you." said Mrs. Tate

" Yeah mom?" asked Lizzie.

" Well, you are not ordinary, Ian was." said Mr. Tate.

" What do you mean?" Lizzie said.

" Well, when the moon goes up-" began Lizzie's older sister, Megan.

" You, Me, your father, and Megan turn into Vampires." finishes Mrs. Tate.

There was a flash and the family turned into vampires.

" Thats why you could turn back." said Megan.

Meanwhile, Ian was now a wizard. And he knew that. But the closest thing to a ghost was a Wizard. So he was afraid. " My parents aren't wizaards and now I am." he said while throwing a basketball.

Ian just started to lift off the ground. It was night. There was a knock at his window. "Ian!" yelled Lizzie.

Ian looked behind him and saw Lizzie flying. He opened his window. Lizzie landed on his bed. " I have something to tell you." she said.

"What is it?" he asked.

" You know why my mom makes me wear sunglasses?" she asked.

"No why?" he said.

" Well, my name isn't really Lizzie and not Elizabeth." Lizzie began. " My real name is Kayla."

" Why would your mom hide that?" asked Ian.

" Because of these." said Kayla showing her fangs.

Chapter 2

Ian gasped. " Your a vampire!" he said.

" Don't yell please. Anyways, most of the kids in our school are vampires." said Kayla.

" Ok, so what about your name?" asked Ian.

" My mom is taking me to school tomorrow to tell the principal.


" Because of these." Kayla said showing her fangs.

Chapter 2

" You are a vampire!" said Ian.

" Please don't yell!." said Kayla. .........................


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Wow this is very cool and a

Wow this is very cool and a very interesting idea! :D

~Imaginary friends are forever~ Comments are gifts that bring smiles :) http://www.kidpub.com/story/comment-bug-spread-word-read-please-71689412

Posted by Claire (~CRK) on Wed, 06/08/2011 - 18:53
Hmm...what i don't get is

Hmm...what i don't get is that at first you say that the kids haunt the school, but then they come back alive...but otherwise pretty good.

Everyone is loved here, everyone has a place. There is NO reason to give up people! So keep fighting KidPub!!! We can DO this!! (I have no idea what we're doing but whatever) :D

Posted by Rockshadow on Wed, 06/08/2011 - 23:57
Just wait, something is

Just wait, something is wrong with Ian when he comes back alive. And Lizzie.

Posted by kayleejh9 on Sat, 06/11/2011 - 07:51

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