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Ghostly Plush (1)

Ghostly Plush (1)

Posted May 11th, 2022 by dust

by Dust
in Florida

May 11th, 2022

Toie bounded through the grey alleyways, to Tonies Toys. Gleefully giggling, she sat down in front of the back door, waiting for another toy to add to her hoard. Every Citydragon had a hoard, they were dragons after all! Toie heard the door creak open, feeling herself go transparent as the light hit her. A small teddy bear, ripped and torn, lightly thumped the ground. Toie gasped. "Wowee! It's perfect!" She quickly picked up the bear as the door closed. Toie breathed on the bear, spreading life through it. It quickly hopped out of her grasp and hugged her tail. "Awwww, your perfect for my hoard!" Quickly darting  through the dark alleyways and streets, back to a run-down market. Finding her stall, Toie slid under and placed the bear next to the other bustling toys in the hoard.

Toie glanced at a very shaded corner of the stall and continued to snuggle in with her hoard. She could feel the plush and stuffing surrounding her, lulling Toie to a peaceful sleep. As the sun started to rise, she drifted off, her mind in an unknown world.


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