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Ghostly Plush (2)

Ghostly Plush (2)

Posted May 25th, 2022 by dust

by Dust
in Florida

May 25th, 2022

As Toie awoke, she felt her toys wriggling around her. "Stay here, everyone. I don't want anything to happen." Toie scrambled from under the stall and onto a moonlit sidewalk. She strolled to the park, ignoring the gloom around her. Citydragons usually came out during the night, as humans typically were off sleeping. Scrambling past a fight between two large dragons, Toie made it safely to the parks lake. Bending down to dink the water, Toie noticed a dark, small shape swimming close to the bottom. Assuming it was a fish, she continued drinking. Until it got bigger.

A deep green sea dragon popped its head out of the water, a big grin on his snout. "HELLO!" He shouted. "ACK!" Toie froze for a second, shocked by the sudden greeting. "I'M TRIKLE! WHO ARE YOU?!" He shouted loudly. Toie saw a huge dragon whip his head around, and give a warning glare at Toie and Trikle. "Shhhhh, be quiet." Toie whispered, putting a claw to her snout. "And I'm Toie, nice to meet you." She said in a soft tone. "WEL- Sorry, hi Toie." Trikle greeted. "Sorry, I have water in my ears hehe. Hey, wanna see my garden?" Before Toie could respond, Trikle grabbed her wrist and pulled her under. "A-ACK! I CAN'T SWIM!! HELP!" Toie was choking on the water when a large, black, wingless dragon with a long and powerful body came a pulled Toie out.

"Take a hint, pip sqeak.We're placing bets." The dragon hissed, angered. "S-s-sorry, I-I'll go.." Toie stammered. "OI, SMOKE! YOU GUNNA PLACE A BET??" A adult red dragon shouted. "IN A SEC!" Smoke called back. "You stay quiet, and maybe you'll keep your wings." They hissed, then sauntered back. Toie was shaking like a leaf while Trikle was looking apologetic. "Hey, sorry Toie, I didn't know you couldn't swim..." He trailed off. "I- It's alright." The two sat there as the fight began, cheers and roars erupting from the crowd. As the moon began to sink in the sky, Toie yawned and asked "You wanna come to my place? I'm sure rock isn't a comfortable bed." Trikle nodded "Thanks." He smiled. The two friends talked and walked thier way back to Toie's stall, going under and curled up to sleep.


Hey y'all, Dust here. Just got back from vacation and I will continue Ghostly Plush. Updates whenever.

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