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The Giver, chapter 24 (only read if you have read The Giver)

The Giver, chapter 24 (only read if you have read The Giver)

Posted April 14th, 2010 by EmmaR

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by Angel of Arumdin
in Washington

April 14th, 2010

Don't pay ANY attention to this if you haven't read The Giver. There are 23 chapters, and in 4th grade we were supposed to write a 24th chapter. So here's mine! Please leave a comment. I would love critisizm, but of course I accept compliments!


As the snow covered sled reached the bottom of the hill, the music grew louder, louder, louder, until he was sure that it wasn't an echo. Jonas transfered the last memory of warmth to Gabriel, and once again the flakes of heat began to travel across his frozen skin. Mustering up all his strength, Jonas lifted Gabe's frail body into his cold hands and pushed himself off the frozen sled. He trudged through the snow, Gabriel in his arms, and came to the first doorstep. He collapsed on the door, making a startling noise ring throughout the dwelling.


Inside, a girl broke through the colorful wrapping paper of the gift to find a tarnished trumpet.

"Thank you sooo much Nana!" she exclaimed.

"You're certainly welcome, Laura," a whithered lady in a rocking chair said, smiling. The mother, sitting quietly by the fire-place, was first to hear the sound. She heaved herself up, and reached for the door.


Gabriel shook violently from the snowflakes falling frequently on his pale skin. Jonas did the best he could to keep the Newchild warm in the tattered, dirty blanket they had. All hope had disappeared from Jonas's mind. There was nothing but col, inside and out. But Jonas felt the door push against him and he saw a foot infront of his face. As the woman crouched down he felt a warm hand on his arm, pulling him up on his weak knees and dragging him into the cozy dwelling.

"There was a lost, cold boy outside the door. I'll draw a bath." And the kind woman left the room. "Boy!" she called from the bathroom. "Come here. Bring the baby too!" Jonas walked slowly towards the bathroom. He took Gabriel's tunic off, then his own, and stepped into the hot water.

"Thank you," he mouthed to the woman. Gabe stirred, and woke, as the warmth flooded into his body. Jonas warmed his face in the water, and Gabe's too. When both he and Gabe were warm and dressed in new clothes (odd ones) the woman led him to a room much like his own sleeping-room, and he collapsed on the bed for a well deserved deep sleep.


Over the next few days the family began to tell Jonas about themselves. He knew that the woman, who had bright red hair and pale, blue eyes, was, to his extreme surprise, the Giver's daughter. She refrained from release at the last second. Since she couldn't go back to the community because she was asumed dead, she ran away. Her spouse, Theodore was from Elsewhere. So was their daughter, Laura. The grandparents where Theodore's, of course, for none of Rosemary's family knew she was alive. He found joy and solace playing with Laura, who had green eyes and brown hair, almost as much as he did with Fiona, but he still missed Fiona and Asher terribly. He missed his parents, and even Lily, too. But Elsewhere there were choices, and grandparents, and colors, and sleigh-rides, and love. There was love.

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Holy guacamole!  2069 reads

Holy guacamole!  2069 reads for a 4th grade project? And no comments? Whoa.


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