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Gutter Ball

Gutter Ball

Posted December 30th, 2016 by waverunner

by Sally
in a March to The Sea

December 30th, 2016

You know me i am trying so hard.

I keep trying and trying and trying though i'm scared.

I am rolling and rolling and rolling so far.

But then i take a turn to the deep end.

Every time i see the life in front of me.

A chance, a hope, that i really can see.

I am almost there, i am filled with all the glee,

Then i turn to the deep end.

I see the others,

They roll along the path of life so simply.

I see them happy,

barely even moving.

I want to follow them,

And you can ask me why,

But then i'll tell you,

I am nothing but a gutter ball,

Trying though i am so small,

Praying that i may not fall,



I am nothing but a gutter ball,

Finding out i'm not that all at all,

I know that i will fall away,


I am nothing but a gutter ball.



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i really love the

i really love the metaphor of a person as a gutter ball. my only cc would be to have the same capitalization, because you haven't capitalized the "i"'s that are in the middle of sentence, but you've capitalized them at the beginning. it would probably be less confusing if the capitalization was the same throughout each line and every part of the poem. so capitalize all of the "I"'s or don't capitalize any.

anyway. this is a great poem!

Posted by infinte darknes... on Mon, 01/02/2017 - 18:28

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