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Halloween Days, Chapter 2

Halloween Days, Chapter 2

Posted September 28th, 2021 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 28th, 2021

Even in the morning, she was still in her grumpy mood. "But it's Saturday!" her mom would always tell her. "Saturday won't get me out of my mood," Riley said. Her mom replied, "Well, last night, 

I talked with my boss. He said that we'll be getting a paycheck next week, on Monday. 50 dollars. Finally." Riley was dressed so quickly.

Her mom smiled and hugged her. "All right, do you want to buy the costume online or could you make the parts up?" Riley tapped her chin. If she bought the costume normally then it would cost

a lot more money, but if she bought it with new parts then it would cost less..."All right, I'll buy it with new parts," Riley said. Her mom nodded.

Later, Riley had met up with Agnes at the park. Lots of flowers grew there, normally next to ponds. Agnes loved the smell, so Riley would meet her mostly near the pond. It had rained a lot, so 

Riley had to wear rain boots. They squelched among the muddy grass, and all Riley could do was ignore it, and rather think about getting to Agnes.

When she finally found the bench that Agnes was at, she was sniffing a rose, but then noticed Riley. "Oh, Riley!" she exclaimed and looked up. "You're looking reeeallly happy today... did you win

something?" She just shook her head. "How about some new clothes...?" Riley shook her head again and said, "No, no, no. My mom just got a paycheck for next week. It's, like, about 50 dollars

that she's getting."

Agnes seemed a bit disappointed. "Oh...but did you get the money?" Riley nodded. "Yes, it's going towards my Halloween costume." Agnes seemed to be happy again and said. "Oh, great! Want

to smell the roses too?" Without a word, Riley put her face up close to the rose and started sniffing. It smelled amazing, but something seemed to be off with it, as if a bitter scent was crawling in

the rose...

"Riley? You okay?" Agnes worriedly gazed at her. "No, no, it just smells a bit off." Riley looked up, only to see that the flower turned out to be rotting at the edge. "Oh...that's why the rose smelled

off," she said. "I'm not going to sniff anymore for today. See you on Monday, Agnes." Riley waved to Agnes as she began the long walk from the park, back to her house. Riley sighed. As much

as she like Agnes, she did not really like having to walk there every Saturday morning.

Riley's mother was inside, sewing with black and orange wool. That was exactly the reason why Riley had to walk to the park-because her mother was too busy sewing on that day. Not that she

hated her for that. She seemed to have a bit of trouble making a pumpkin with it, thus making her very focused. Riley kept her distance, not wanting to make her mother disturbed. She got to her

room and laid on her bed. "Monday is gonna be perfect," Riley thought. "I'm going to get the first part of the pieces I need."

(beep beep 4th wall break incoming) She already knew who she was going to be. She would be....


a Hogwarts student.

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