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Halloween Days, Chapter 3

Halloween Days, Chapter 3

Posted October 1st, 2021 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

October 1st, 2021

Monday had rushed by quickly, and Riley was ready for it. That night, she would go to the store to buy the first part of her Hogwarts outfit. She and Agnes got back on the bus, and they laughed 

all over again. This time, her grandparents were driving her back home. While they weren't looking, Riley plucked a small flower off of the backpack. On Tuesday, she would give it to Agnes. 

But when they got home, Riley saw something she didn't believe.

Her grandparents didn't notice it, but Riley said, "Hey, grandma? I need to go to my house." Her grandmother nodded, and Riley walked off to her house. Riley's mother was angrily arguing with

a man that seemed to be in his mid-20's. "Oh, dang," Riley muttered. Riley's mother looked at Riley, and said, "Ah, Riley! Go to your room! It's not the most appropriate time to be in here." But

Riley was curious. "But who's that man-" her mother interrupted, "This is my boss, Mr. Sullivan. Now please, go to your room, it's for the best."

"But mom-"

"Now, Riley!"

Riley angrily sighed and stomped off to her room. She hated when her mother yelled those dreaded words, "Now, Riley!" She could still hear them arguing. But there was one part she heard

perfectly clear:

"Ms. Walker, I am sick and tired of you saying that just because you're getting a paycheck for 50 dollars, that you won't be evicted. If you fail to pay off the money for this month, then I'll have

no shame in coming and evicting you."


"You know what? Fine then."

The door shut quietly, as Riley heard the rushing of footsteps and the door to her mother's bedroom slamming. Riley laid on her bed, shocked at what she had just heard. She'd be evicted

if her mother didn't pay for the house.

Slowly, she walked out of her room and opened the door to her parent's bedroom.

"Hey, mom?"

"Riley, not right now."

"But I thought he said you were gonna be evicted."

"*sigh* We'll talk about this later."

And later they did. Her mom explained that she'd been keeping it secret so Riley wouldn't worry. Riley's mom did not officially own their property, and she was waiting for her sister to legally

claim that it was theirs. "I'm sorry, honey." But Riley was not happy about this. "Of course I'd worry!" Her mom said, "Riley, I'll take you to the store tonight. How does that sound?"

Riley said slowly, "All right."

When they got to the store, Riley immediately found a Hogwarts robe and tie. Her mother said, "Do you want that?" Riley nodded. She checked the price tag. "15 dollars...Mom, you up to buy

it?" Her mother nodded. "But we'll have 35 dollars. Riley, please don't waste the money." Riley just said, "I won't. Don't worry."

When they got home, Riley tried the clothes on. They were perfect.

"This might work out after all," Riley thought. And didn't just think...

She knew.

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