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TV Bots (Chapter 29)

TV Bots (Chapter 29)

Posted December 21st, 2018 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

December 21st, 2018

Nick sounded the alarm.


When he left Bokaj, he noticed the red dot in the sky. Although it was so far away, it was already visible. It looked like a red, fiery ball of electricity, slowly getting larger and larger.


The whole army had already seen it before Nick saw it on the tracking screen. After the SmallBots’ sacrifice, they could not be defeated so soon. No one could identify what the red object was, but it was evident that it was flying towards them. 


Carnet, Nickel, Nicky, Toons and Nick all entered Bokaj and went to the telescope.

Through the telescope, it could be seen clearly. It was a red ball of electricity, randomly shooting out small sparks. After some calculations, Nicky realised that it was not aimed at them, and the alarm was turned off. In fact, it was projected to land a few hundred Bot metres in front of their army.


Therefore, the kings did not know what to do. Was it supposed to hit their army but Boomer had missed? No one knew, as the ball still flew in the sky.


The Saviours had to stop again, otherwise they would walk into the trajectory of the red ball. Now it was fairly obvious that this red ball was intentionally fired to halt the march of the Saviours.


Nick knew that Boomer was not smart enough to think of that, and he realised who he was fighting. Boomer, with his mercilessness and ferocity and Disney who was equally greedy for power. However, Disney was also cunning, and very clever with tactics.


Boomer was now progressing further down the Channels in the TV, destroying each and every one with his brutal robot army. The Saviours could only watch as Boomer gained more resources.


As the red bomb (which is what the Saviours thought it was) continued to fly, Boomer widened the gap between the two armies.


Luckily, Boomer had not invaded any channels above Channel 608, so the Saviours sent out a help signal towards Disney Chnl (Channel 609).


The bomb continued to fly.


The signal was speeding towards Disney Chnl.


Boomer continued to destroy the TV.


And the Saviours were still stuck in the SkySports Bot Cluster…


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