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Her Mother-- Part one

Her Mother-- Part one

Posted March 18th, 2017 by FIFAKB

by Sofia
in Ontario

March 19th, 2017

Maybe it was the way she pressed her thin lips together in disapproval. Maybe it was the loud clicks as her high heels tapped the floor, or the way she would tap her bony fingers on the table. Maybe it was how she sniffed loudly at people. But whatever it was, Andrea Maratain's mother was intimidating.

Andrea sat down on a chair in the living room. It was Saturday. The day was not planned, just the way Andrea liked it. But she knew that the day would not turn out as good as it seemed. Ever since Andrea's parents had gotten divorced, there had never been what Andrea would call a "good day". Her two best friends, Miksha Warren and Lauraine Gerone, didn't know who her mom was. They both had very nice parents who were NOT intimidating. Whenever they asked about her parents, she would just mumble "Oh, they're divorced," or "Sorry, you can't come to my house today," Andrea didn't know excatly why she never told Miksha and Lauraine about her intimidating mom, but she definitly wasn't planning to. Andrea twirled her dark brown hair on her finger. It was quite short, and she liked it that way. She also liked it curly, though her mom did not approve of it. Andrea was tall for her age, which she inherited from her mom. Her dad was short and plump with a curly brown moustashe and brown hair. Her mother was exactly the opposite.

BANG! Andrea looked up abruptly as her mom shoved aside her large work bag, and clicked into the room. She looked the way she always did: Her thin, sallow face was dotted with light pink blush. Her dark grey eyes burnt holes through Andrea, and her thin lips were covered in dark red lipstick. She had bright blonde hair pulled up in a bun so tight, Andrea felt sorry for the hair. She had an emerald green silk top on, tucked into her long black skirt, also made of silk. She had black high heels so high, her feet must have been on the tips of her toes. She was skinny, tall, and bony. She smacked her lips together, and pointed at a lobsided cushion on the couch.

"Fix it!" she said loudly. Andrea scrambled up to do so. When she had straightened out the cushion, she sat back down. Her mom put a cold hand to Andrea's forehead. "Oh, drink something will you? You look like you haven't eaten in days!" Andrea jumped off her seat, and ran into the kitchen as her mom went back upstairs. Andrea opened the pure-silver fridge, (Her mom was a millionaire) and looked in it. It had a row of water jugs, and rows and rows of food, in order. Andrea took a water jug, and a glass cup, and poured the water jug in the cup. Once she had put it all back, she walked into the living room with the water. She started to take a sip--

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZZZZ! Andrea's phone started ringing, causing her to drop her cup. Andrea silently screamed-- the glass cup had shattered, and water was all over the pretty rug! Which was not waterproof! Andrea knew the water was more of a problem-- she could sweep up the glass later. She grabbed the paper towel roll from off the paper towel roll holder, and started to dab at it, when the also-glass holder toppled over and broke into a million pieces! Andrea dropped the roll of paper towel, causing it to fly all over the room.

"WHAT IS GOING ON DOWN THERE??!!" cried Andrea's mother. Andrea heard her mom's loud footsteps come down the stairs. Andrea was terrified. What would her mom do if she saw this mess? How much trouble would she get into? What if--

Andrea's mother entered the room, carrying a pearl handbag. When she saw the carpet, glass, and paper towels, she dropped her bag. She was speechless for a moment, and then yelled, "OUT! NOW! I CAN"T TAKE IT!" She pointed to the front door.

"But where do I--"

Her mom huffed. "Your Aunt Kelody!!"

Andrea pulled on a purple fleece coat, blue earmuffs and blue gloves. She headed out the door and trudged down to the end of her street. There was a big brown modern house, with a black car in the driveway. Instead of a front yard, there was a huge garden. Andrea walked to the front door, and knocked twice. The door swung open.

"What's up?" Her aunt stood there. She had a round, kind face with bright blue eyes. She had a tan from her last vacation, and had shoulder-length brown curls, just like Andrea. She looked just like her dad-- they were twins, of course. She was about a foot taller than Andrea, with no kids.

Andrea sighed. "Mom sent me here again,"

Kelody grinned. "What'cha do this time?"

Andrea looked down at the floor. "It-it was an accident,"

Kelody smiled again. "Oh, sweetie. I know you're not a bad kid! Come in!" Aunt Kelody and Andrea walked inside and sat down on a couch. Andrea explained everything that had just happened. To her surprise, Kelody tilted her head back and laughed!

Andrea was confused. When her parents were together, she would never have one instruction. It was always two totally different ones. And now that they were divorced, her mom was in charge. Whenever Andrea got in trouble, she would be sent out of the house! To Aunt Kelody! To the park! To the elderly woman who they do not acually know! And Aunt Kelody and her mom were oppisites!


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