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I hate my life.

I hate my life.

Posted September 24th, 2021 by Not_Jello

by Tyrone
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September 24th, 2021

I wasn't allowed in the boys football after school club and now I'm gonna smack someone because if they have me like written down as a female or something I'm gonna have to go into girls football after school club.


(In Scotland we call soccer football because we use our feet and it's a ball, we don't use our hands and the ball isn't an egg.)

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That's darn tough and I'm

That's darn tough and I'm sorry this is so complicated. I can't help, but I figure you just need ppl to listen to you.

Also, a bit of KidPub housekeeping: while it's not a problem now, the general custom is to leave the NSP for only stories. For giving updates on your life (and generally being upset about what's going on in it) this forum is where it's at: https://www.kidpub.com/forum3/showthread.php?t=2095


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Gracithe1andonly on Fri, 09/24/2021 - 13:34

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