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Insulting the original second chapter of One Single Song

Insulting the original second chapter of One Single Song

Posted August 1st, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

August 1st, 2022

The next day, Alice learned that her mother had already paid for the open call. (how does she pay that fast?!) Before Alice's first class, she met up with Marie, one of her childhood friends. (childhood friend cliche.) "So, you joined up for the open call?" Marie asked. (this is suggesting Marie also joined. did she?) "Yeah," Alice said. "But I wasn't ready." (Like I said Alice, you were BEGGING)

"You're a beautiful singer. You can do this!" Marie protested. (she's like 12 how is this girl gonna make bucks lol) At the same time, a girl with long hair and sparkly clothes (wow she's probably richy rich or something lol why did i have this cliche) had managed to catch a glimpse of the two friends talking together, and glared. (oh how rude children today have no manners) Alice almost saw the girl's glare as she swiftly looked past Marie.

"What's wrong with her?" Alice wondered. (again, thoughts "like this" and not like this.) Then, the bell for the first class, Reading, chimed out (do they have different bells for different classes? actually a kinda nice mechanic hehe) as the girls grabbed their backpacks and walked over to the classroom. But this was also no ordinary day. This was the day that a new student would come in. (what??)

"Class, we have a new student today," Ms. Calico introduced. Slowly, the student said that his name was Steven (why do he be slow? what's wrong with him lol) and walked to his seat. Quickly, Alice fell in love with him. (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ALICE PLEASE STOP FALLING IN LOVE WITH EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU MEET) "He is so cute..." she thought. (GRRRRRRRRRR ALICE-)

Once school was over, it was time for the open call. Alice made her way slowly to her assigned seat. (wait there were assigned seats in this? i don't remember having it happen. ahh times fly by so fastttt) And the same 30-year old stepped on the stage. Slowly he called the students up to the stage to sing. (i doubt this'll take 2 hours unless the songs are longer than anything else in the world)

Then Alice was called. "So," Mr. Nile said. "You can sing?" Alice, knees shaking, replied "Yes I can." (wow overconfident alice be like-) She gripped the microphone, trembling, then began to let the melody pour out. (what song was she singing anyways? how is she singing beautifully?) Everyone seemed so shocked, amazed at how Alice could sing so beautifully in the heat of the moment. (oh my god Alice is a MARY SUE I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE I WROTE HER-)

Once she stopped singing, she closed her eyes and waited for Mr. Nile to assign her back to her seat. (oh ight. i really got nothing to say for dis) "Next step, you will be singing in your classrooms, then performing at the state, and anyone who passes the state will get Serenity. (OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS SCHOOL SO RICH I DIDN'T HAVE UNIFORMS DOE SO IT'S NOT A PRIVATE SCHOOL)

Alice felt too scared, but she remembered. "Remember, this is for you, your mother paid for this." (ofc she did. as before you were BEGGING) Later, at 6 pm, the same girl from earlier grabbed Alice (where?) and said "You may have sung better than me, but I will perform amazingly in the classroom. Anyway, my name's Lily." (oh ayo lily) And she let Alice go. And thus, the rivalry of Alice and Lily was born. (wow so dramatic)

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