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Joey Snippet

Joey Snippet

Posted September 2nd, 2023 by BohemianRhapsod...

by The Time Lord Victorious (Connor)
in sane

September 2nd, 2023

The smell of sweet smoke filled Joey's nostrils as he walked into the tent, standing tall, and looking down at the small woman sitting in front of a glass ball. He didn't notice the eerie music slowly plinking from a music box in the corner of the room until he sat down. The woman just across from him asked, in a raspy voice that seemed that they were old, older than Joey himself, "Why are you here?"

"Don't you know?"

"My power is only awakened once I know why you are here."

"Okay then. I feel like I'm constantly being watched by hundreds of eyes. But when I turn around, well, there's nothing there."

"Well, Joey McPherson, Half-Dragon Master of Fire-"

Joey jumped.

"How do you know who I am?"

"Joey, I see all, I know all, I contain ALL. And this is not my first time seeing you, and it will not be the last."

"But I've never seen you before!"

"No, stupid, not you! You!"

"What do you mean?"

"Be quiet! It shall come to you later!"

"Okay, then can you answer my question about my being watched?"

"Well, Joey McPherson, there is an old legend - that those who have died will, after five hundred years, their vengeful spirits will come and haunt they who have killed them."

Joey walked out. He thought to himself, What the hell was that all about?

He was over six hundred years old, and he was having a normal day, having forgot all about his encounter with the fortune teller.

He got out of bed, and bent over. His back hurt. He was starting to get to the equivalent of a sixty-year old regular person. He coughed, and looked at his arm in horror. 

It was red. 

Covered in it. 

He smelled his arm, and, to an even more terrifying encounter, it smelled like blood.

Dragon blood. 

He coughed again, and more blood dripped from his mouth, like he had just cannibalized someone while they were still alive, and normal. He coughed more and more, and his vision got fuzzy, and the last thing he saw was his bloodstained floor, as he fell into it. 

When he woke up, the blood was dry. He couldn't have been unconcious for that long, though. It was still dark, and his dragon senses told him it was around 4 in the morning. He went downstairs to get something to eat, and he could have sworn he saw something black and shadowy dart on the ground. He felt something on his shoulder, and then felt pushed. He screamed as he tumbled down the stairs, not helped by his terrible back condition. He got up, and saw that his living room was a mess. Books were everywhere, as well as his collection of swords. He felt something hit his head. He picked it up, and it was a normal book. He felt more hits on his head, and realized that books were flying at him from all directions. He rolled out of the way, and into the kitchen. He grabbed something red from the fridge, and shook some sugar in it. Just before drinking it, though, he looked at the liquid and what he thought was 'sugar.' Instead, it was cranberry juice, and one of the three poisons that could kill him. Oh, shit, that was close, Joey thought, before grabbing a bowl of oatmeal. He heard a door slamming, and then realized what it meant. 

The spirits of the vengeful dead. 

He smashed his window, and jumped out, running as fast as he possibly could, to the fortune teller's tent, even though it was barely 5 in the morning, and it had been multiple hundreds of years since he had visited it, and opened it. The fortune teller barely looked different from when he had last seen her. 


The fortune teller said, "Nothing. All you can do is wait."

"My day is going to be hell on earth if that's all I can do! I'll do ANYTHING to avoid that!"

"There can be nothing done. I already said so."

Joey vomited blood and feathers, and he left. 

Upon getting home, he saw that it was on fire. He couldn't stop it. It was going too fast, and he couldn't concentrate. 

He ran in and gathered everything valuable to him, and threw it in his purse. He stayed until the house was fully burnt, and yet, because it was so early, and Joey never had any smoke detectors, no one called the fire department. 

He cried, and braced himself for the rest of the day.

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