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Joey's Ultimate Adventure

Joey's Ultimate Adventure

Posted May 9th, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in The Deepsea Metro (jk, it's Texas.)

May 9th, 2023

Joey was running. Running. Running faster than anyone could have imagined a human could run. He swore to himself as he leaped over a fence. The two-year-old who was in reality as old as time itself was at it again. He was a god, and he took the form of a two-year-old, which made him get bored easily, and then start destroying things. Joey was always trying to not get killed by him.

As he ran, he noticed that there was a hole in the ground. He tried to jump over it, but he couldn't. He tried to teleport, but he was falling... faster and faster...

He woke up in the middle of the space-time continuum. This was a dangerous place to be, but Joey had been here plenty of times. He was floating towards another hole just like the one he fell through. He fell through the other hole, and when he woke up, this world was strangely like his. 

He had been to other realities, but they all had at least one big distinguishing factor from his.

This new world, however, was eerily similar to his own, yet there were some subtle differences that caught Joey's attention. The sky was a shade of purple instead of blue, and the sun was a brighter shade of orange. The trees had a peculiar shape, with twisted branches that seemed to dance in the wind.  

Joey spun around to see a man standing behind him. The man had a warm smile on his face, and Joey could tell that he was friendly. The man was tall, with long, flowing hair that was the color of autumn leaves tied behind his head. He had a slender build, with delicate features and bright green eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. Joey couldn't help but stare.

The man chuckled. "My name is Peridot Shiny. And you are Joey McPherson?"

"Um, how do you know my name?" Joey asked. Joey stepped back a bit, just in case, and said, "I am." Not knowing what was happening, Joey asked, "Where am I?"

Peridot replied, "It doesn't matter. Are you an Ultimate?"


"I'll take that as a no."

Peridot crossed his arms, looking up into the sky as he spoke. "I know your name because I can read your mind. I see you are not from here. So, I'll be your guide."

"Yeah. I really need one," Joey replied. "So, you can read minds?"

Peridot responded, "Yes, I can."

Joey said, "I've been through a lot, and I'd like to keep it private, so could you please do me a favor and not look too deep?"

Peridot nodded. Joey said, "So, how does magic work in this reality?"

"Magic remains magic," Peridot explained. "How do you use your magic? What is the source of your power?"

Joey sighed. This was going to take a while. 

"You need an artifact to use magic, unless you've practiced quite a lot. However, everyone has natural boosts for certain elements, like a person with brown hair and blue eyes would have natural boosts for earth magic and, depending on the shade of blue, ice or water. Now, if they only have a plant artifact, then they can't use either of those, but if they have an earth artifact, then they can use earth magic, along with it being more powerful than the plant magic, assuming they practiced both equally. Does that make sense? Now because of my red hair, I have pyrokinesis. It's powerful enough that I don't need an artifact, but I need artifacts for my plant and air magic from my one green eye and my one gray eye. And then there is the Great Power of an element, which can destroy planets if used well, the Amazing Power of an element, which can destroy a galaxy, or just a specific person, and the True Power of an element, which can destroy entire dimensions. However, you don't need to destroy all that; you can just focus it onto one thing. The Great Power, if you had resistance to the type of magic used, you'd probably survive. If you had resistance to the type of magic used in an Amazing Power, you'd have to have a lot of resistance, but you could survive. Then there's the True Power. If you get hit by that, you're dead. The only thing that can counter a True Power is another True Power, and nothing can block it for more than ten seconds, and only the most powerful magical items can do that. Sorry if that took a while. If you're wondering about the types of magic that a natural boost can give, they are earth, air, fire, water, ice, plant, and light. There's more, but I think you'll see how it works."

Joey's hands burst into flame. "No, I don't want to fight you."

Peridot nodded. "I see. That being said, your magic normally would carry over with you wherever you go, until you enter areas where they won't. There exists magic here in the Ultimates Galaxy as well, as my family naturally has access to it. But alongside magic, we possess Ultimate Crystals. Those are what grant us further access to overpowered abilities. I reckon I should tell you about it from now so you won't be surprised when facing a possible enemy in the future." He paused for a moment. "To sum it all down: Everyone here has their own Ultimate Crystal out in the galaxy, including you. When found, a test would be taken in another realm to gain access to the crystal. Then it can be absorbed, and your body would gain access to power, naturally, without the need for any artifacts. Although you can use artifacts alongside your Ultimate Power. Many have come from other places to the Ultimates Galaxy and found their previous techniques to be unhelpful. Don't be surprised if the same occurs for you. I would advise you to look for your own Ultimate Crystal, that way the advantage other Ultimates have over you would be diminished, as you would be an Ultimate yourself."

Joey laughed. "You think I'm not powerful? I've fought a god-like being and lived. I've lifted up the moon. I've destroyed dimensions. When my enemies speak of me, they tremble in fear. I'm already powerful. Do you think I need more? Because I don't. But if you think I should, fine."

Joey's hands burst into flame, but this time it burned hotter than before. Hot enough to make Peridot feel uncomfortable. "This is just a tiny, miniscule FRACTION of my power," Joey said.

Peridot remained unfazed as he inspected Joey’s display of power. “That is not bad, my friend. I have looked into your mind, so I know what you are capable of and what you are not. I never said you weren’t powerful. I am just warning you, that your power could be stripped away if you are not careful. You don’t know what is out there. That is why I am giving you advice now, so that you won’t be surprised when you run into issues. It’s better for you to take my advice. Don’t be cocky or arrogant. That will only lead to your downfall. You are not the first to be overconfident, and you will certainly not be the last.”

"But, how would my power be stripped away?" Joey asked. "Is it one of those 'Ultimates' you were talking about?"

Peridot nodded. “Well, yes, it would be one of the Ultimates. There are trillions of them around. And a large number of them are capable of feats like yours and even beyond. That is why I am emphasizing it to you. I don’t wish to see you fall down a path that will lead to your demise.” Peridot patted Joey on the shoulder. “I will teach you what you need to know. I am also an experienced Ultimate myself, so I will guide you.”

Joey nodded. "I understand. Now where do I find one of these 'Ultimate Crystals?'"

He dug around in his purse, pulling random things out. A ball, a fridge, a table, a house, until he found what he was looking for. It was a small device that looked like a compass, but it didn't say anything on it. It was square, and in the middle was a needle and three sections: Black, Grey, and Red. 

"This is a Magicometer. My friend made it for me. It will detect if there is more magic than us in the area. Does that make sense?"

Peridot nodded. “Yes, I’ve seen similar devices before. Although, I doubt it will be able to detect Ultimate energy, unless your friend was an Ultimate and took that into consideration.” Peridot reached his hand out, wanting Joey to grab it. “Your Ultimate Crystal is waiting for you. I will help you find it. You will know where it is when you hear its voice calling out to you.”

Joey replied, "I come from a different reality. I've never heard of an Ultimate until now, but now I think I need to find my Ultimate Crystal. My friend wasn't one, and I know that for a fact."

Joey grabbed Peridot's hand. "I think I'll find it... someday. I probably won't find it today, but I will try so hard to find it. Although lives may be lost, I'll try to find it. I'll look, through thick and thin. I don't know much about them, but I feel like this is a good idea. Do you have to be human to find yours? Because I'm not. I'm half-dragon. And proud."

Peridot smiled. “Any sentient being can get an Ultimate Crystal. You included.” Peridot paused for a moment before continuing. "Once you have gained access to your Ultimate Crystal, you will be able to master your current abilities and unlock even more. It will take time, however."

As Peridot spoke, he summoned a green aura around him and levitated himself and Joey off of the ground. The ground beneath them began to shrink as they floated higher and higher into the sky until it was nothing more than a speck in the distance.

Joey looked down and saw the entire world below him, a stunning sight in its own right. The colors of the landscape had changed drastically, with swirling patterns of green, purple, and blue that looked almost like paint strokes.

And one swirl that looked suspiciously like a dragon. 

“Oh no…” Joey heard Peridot mumble. “It's that Claw again.”


“She fell through a hole in time and came out here. She found a way to swim in the air. She's dangerous. Her name is Amethyst. She hates me.”

“Why?” asked Joey.

Peridot didn’t answer.

The dragon was closer now, and Joey could see the murderous look in her blue eyes.

Joey looked at Peridot. "I think I have mastered my abilities."

He turned into his Toucagon form and flew down to Amethyst, and squawked a bit, hoping that Amethyst would understand.

"Be careful, she's an Ultimate too," Peridot called as Joey and Amethyst looked at each other.

Joey, flapping his wings, tried squawking some more, flew around Amethyst to try to get a better look. He turned back human and used a gust of wind to fly himself upwards. 

"Amethyst doesn't look like any dragon I've seen before..."

"That's because I'm not!" she screamed.

"Wha...?" Joey glanced at Peridot, who nodded.

"WaveClaws have really good ears!"

"And a good voice," said Peridot to Joey.

Joey nodded and said, "I guess that makes sense. I've never heard of a 'WaveClaw,' and they certainly aren't where I come from, but the dragons where I come from are often very, what would be the best word to work..." 

Joey thought for a minute, and said, "Unusual. They often have multiple bodies, not heads or limbs, although they do have a full set of limbs for each body..."

“Is that so?” Peridot commented. “Well, you’ll find all sorts of creatures out here, some that you might never have even imagined before. It’s a vast and wonderful place, the universe.”

"I know," Joey responded. "I've been to almost every place on my own planet, and I'm finding wonderful things. The universe is huge, and we are small. I wonder where I will find my Ultimate Crystal..."

Joey looked around. "How do I find it, anyway?"

Amethyst started swimming up towards the sky. Peridot turned and blasted her. She tumbled down for a second, then regained her balance.

“I don’t really want to hurt her,” said Peridot, “but I could blast that stupid grin off her face as well as her off the face of the universe!”

“I heard that!”

“Why do Claws have such good hearing?” mumbled Peridot.

Joey punched Peridot and said, "You better not hurt her. I speak for the dragons that can't speak for themselves. I can understand them, so I'll protect her if I need to, as long as I'm alive. You won't hurt her on my watch."

He turned to Amethyst. "However, if you get in a fight with Peridot, I will allow him to beat you up."

He stepped back. "Does that make sense?"

“My apologies. Other Claws I’ve come across were hostile, and I attacked out of instinct.” Peridot apologized, turning to Amethyst. “I am not sure about this one, though.”

Joey growled. "Don't attack dragons. I have a very soft spot in my heart for dragons, so for as long as you don't attack her, I won't attack you. I don't kill. I torture, but never to the point of death. Neither of you attack me, and I won't attack you. I side with both of you. Neither of you attack the other, I won't attack either person. That make sense?"

Peridot raised an eyebrow. “This is a waste of time. I have no need to attack if I have no reason to.”

Joey nodded. "Me too. But if one of you attacks the other, I do have a reason to attack. I don't want to attack either of you, so you two had better not start fighting. Does that make sense?"

“You keep requesting assurance if what you’re saying makes sense or not,” Peridot commented. “Are you usually not understood?”

Joey sighed. "Yes. A lot of people find magic hard to understand, and at this point it's just a habit, from asking so many people whether they understand SO MANY TIMES, and they usually don't. Does that happen to you?"

Peridot shook his head. “No, but you don’t have to ask me if what you’re saying makes sense or not. I understand you.”

Joey smiled. "Thank you. It is very rare to find someone who understands."

Amethyst landed in the air and transformed herself into a human with silvery hair.

"It’s true," she said quietly. "Magic is hard to understand."

Peridot shrugged. “Perhaps for the likes of normal people.” He turned to Amethyst. “Are you Shiny? Your name is Amethyst.”

"A Bead. I'm from Raskembor. Never heard of Shiny before," she answered.

"Shiny? Bead? Raskembor? What the heck are you talking about?" Joey squinted, trying to understand what they were saying. He walked over to Amethyst and said, "I've never seen another being that can shift from human to dragon, other than me. Is it normal for you and your people?"

"People? We're dragons," said Amethyst, a bit of warmth creeping into her icy tone. "We're Claws and us Human-morphing Claws, well can morph into humans. There are other Claws outside of Raskembor, but Claws live mainly in Raskembor. Well, SlateClaws live in the mountains, and DesertDwellers, (we sometimes call them SnakeClaws) live in the desert. Us WaveClaws don’t exactly live in Raskembor, rather in the Seprilim Sea. But we like to say we’re from Raskembor.”

"Oh. I was just trying to be polite, and didn't know what to call you." 

Joey looked confused. 

"Where is Raskembor? I've never heard of it until now. Is it in a separate dimension, like my home? I live in a country called America, back home where I live."

"I think so. I'm pretty sure I fell into a dimensional rift to get here."

Joey nodded. "Me too. I don't know why I ended up here, though. Still... life is a mystery sometimes, my father once said." Walking around, he thought for a minute. "So, if you're an Ultimate," he said, pointing to Amethyst, "how are you an Ultimate if you don't come from this reality? I thought Ultimate Crystals were only here! Unless you've been here for a long time..."

"Ten years. Of course, us WaveClaws don't age as fast as humans. so ten years for us is about two years in the life of a human."

Joey nodded. "Yeah, I don't age as fast as a regular person, either. After I became half-dragon, I just didn't seem to age. I'm actually in my 200's right now, but you never would have guessed that, would you?"

"I'm only about 120, or, if I were a human, 16," replied Amethyst.

Joey grinned. "If you were to measure my age in human years, I would probably be like twenty-something years old. I expect to die at around nine hundred, which is a long ways away. How long do WaveClaws last?"

"I’d say about 65, but I'm not sure."

Joey grinned. "That's a ripe old age. I do think I'll outlive you, though. Chances are."

Peridot smiled as he looked back and forth at them as they spoke. “It’s quite interesting how different species’ life spans are. I myself am a human, though I am quite old. It becomes harder to keep track of lots of memories. I’d say I’m roughly seven hundred thousand years old.”

Amethyst's jaw dropped. "I’d take my hat off to ya," she said. "But I don't have one on."

Joey clapped. "You win, you win. In your dreams. I had a friend/enemy relationship with a two-year-old that had godlike powers, who is actually older than time itself. Then again, he's immortal with omnikinesis, and I've actually died so many times I've lost count. He keeps killing me by accident and then reviving me. So yeah."

“Is that so?” Peridot said, furrowing a brow. “I highly doubt the accuracy of that. Nothing is older than time itself except for the creator of time itself. I’m certain that you are mistaken about this being. If anything, he must just have control over the reality you come from. He would be powerless in this reality, as the Ultimate Council themselves consist of many overpowered beings that have a duty to keep existence in check.”

Joey nodded. "Yeah, he's only kind of omnikinetic. I've seen him destroy reality, only to bring it back. He's brought down the moon, leading me to lift it up for a minute or two, and put it back in its place. He gave the power of a star, then took it away. Either he's in charge of reality, or he's just old, I don't know what, but I'm not mistaken. I've seen him do so many impossible things with my own eyes, and I'd trust them. He's survived the True Power of Fire MULTIPLE times, so if that doesn't convince you otherwise, sorry. I think you'll have to see him in action to believe me. I've seen him do so much and then fix it. So if you don't believe me, fine. I know for a fact, as he's TOLD ME that he's older than time. He caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, beasts that roamed the ancient world where I come from. He told me."

Peridot shook his head. “Then he lied to you. He is not older than time. That statement itself is impossible. The idea of being "older than time" is a paradox, because time itself is a fundamental part of how we measure and understand the concept of age and the passage of time. Time is often defined as a measure of the duration between events, and it is commonly thought of as a one-way flow from the past, through the present, and into the future.

Therefore, to say that something is "older than time" implies that it existed before time began, or that it exists outside of time altogether. This is impossible because time is an essential part of the fabric of the universe, and it is intimately tied to the physical laws and principles that govern our world.

Furthermore, the concept of time is rooted in our understanding of causality and cause-and-effect relationships. Without time, there can be no cause and effect, and thus, the very concept of existence as we know it would be meaningless.

In summary, the idea of something being "older than time" is a paradoxical concept that defies our understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe and the concept of time itself.

Do you understand?”

"Fine, fine! OK! I'm just saying that he's old! I don't know how old exactly, but he's been around since the beginning of the universe. Ok?" Joey just looked at him.

Peridot sighed. "Joey, I understand that you believe what you've seen and heard, but it's important to approach everything with a critical mindset. Just because someone says something, or you witness something seemingly impossible, doesn't mean it's necessarily true or accurate. We should always seek to understand and question what we observe, rather than simply accepting it without further investigation."

He paused for a moment before continuing. "It's important to approach learning with humility and a willingness to admit when we may be wrong or have more to learn. So, let's take this as an opportunity to learn and grow in our understanding of the universe and our place in it. As your elder, I am here to guide you for the time being. But to learn, you first must accept that you know nothing, so that you can then know something."

Joey sighed. "Okay. Also, I have the scars to prove it." He pointed at his left arm, showing three long scars. "They still hurt sometimes."

Joey grinned. He had an idea. "Do you think I could pass off as an Ultimate?"

Peridot shook his head. “You wouldn’t, because you don’t possess Ultimate Energy. When you use your abilities, the energy it gives off would be that of the normal magical variety, not that of the Ultimate.” 

Joey's eyes went wide. "Oh. I seriously thought I could pass off as one, power-wise. I didn't realize that I'd have to have Ultimate Energy. But what does it do, anyways?"

“Ultimate Energy is the energy that is drawn from Ultimate Crystals. Ultimate Crystals themselves have a limitless energy supply, but it takes energy to draw energy, so Ultimates themselves won’t have limitless energy,” Peridot explained. 

"Oh!" Joey exclaimed. "Now that I think about it, both systems of power are pretty similar. We both use powerful objects. I use magical artifacts, and you use Ultimate Crystals. And that, for both of us, using our power takes energy, and the more you train the less it takes. Didn't you notice that?"

Peridot nodded. “Yes, and you can use both the power of an Ultimate Crystal alongside magical artifacts as well. There are many Ultimates that have access to all sorts of magical artifacts. More specifically, the Elemental Masters.” 

Joey smiled. "I guess I'll find someone who also uses artifacts, if I'm lucky." He added, "Also, is there Excalibur in this dimension? I use Excalibur, and I'm wondering if there is a version in this reality. I'm worthy."

“There possibly could be, but I reckon it’s not a famous one,” Peridot replied. “What makes one worthy to wield “Excalibur” where you’re from?”

"I really don't know. All I know is that I'm worthy." Joey pulled Excalibur out. "You can look, but don't touch. If you aren't worthy, then whatever part of you touches it will melt off. If you are worthy, you will be perfectly fine." The sword was long, one-handed, with an olive-green hilt and a blood-red blade. 

Peridot looked at it. “Interesting. How do you know you’re worthy if you don’t even know what makes you worthy? Seems like there’s something off there.”

Joey shrugged. "Maybe it's what I've been through. I've seen people die in front of my eyes, having served in a war against my will. My girlfriend was murdered, and almost everyone I know is long since dead. Maybe it's that I'm pretty nice. I still don't know, but I can tell you how I got it. I was walking through the forest, as I had woken up there for reasons still unknown to me, and eventually I came across a pond. All I know is that if you're worthy, you can find the pond. The Lady of the Lake, her hand clad in gold, rose tinted from a millennia or two of holding the sword by the blade, gave me the sword, very happy that she didn't have to hold it anymore. Right now, Excalibur is in its Blood form, which means if I draw blood from a person with it, I can suck the blood from their body to make me more powerful. However, I always stop at a certain point to make sure they're still alive. It has other forms, too. True, Pure and Impure, none of which do much of anything except make it lighter and more beautiful." He put the sword back. 

“I see.” Peridot scratched his chin. He chuckled a little, noticing that Joey liked to talk a lot. “Anything else you’d like to share?” 

Joey thought for a minute and said, "Well, I can't think of anything THAT important right now, unless we come across a creature from my dimension. So unless you want to know about them, I guess I don't have anything to say... for now."

“Alright. Then what is it you wish to do now?” Peridot asked.

Joey shrugged. "I guess I want to explore. Have any recommendations? Any interesting places to see? Things to do? Also, should I have a partner or something," he said, pointing to Amethyst and Peridot. "Like you two?"

“You’re free to do what you want. I’ve given you some basic guidance now, but I’ll have to attend to my duties,” Peridot said.


Joey teleported away, and then landed on a hard surface. He stood up, and looked around. He was on a planet very similar to Earth, very obviously, only everything was glowing. "I've never heard of a planet where everything was glowing!"

Someone heard him and turned to him. "What do you mean you haven't heard of the Light Planet?"

When Joey turned around, he saw a small child. She was dressed in a stunning outfit made entirely of shimmering gold fabric. Her dress had a high collar and long, flowing sleeves that billowed in the breeze, decorated with intricate embroidery in vibrant colors that seemed to reflect the light of the glowing surroundings.

The child’s dress hugged her slender frame perfectly, and the fabric seemed to shimmer and shine with a life of its own as she moved. Her hair was long and wavy, cascading down her back in luxurious curls of a deep, rich brown color, with a single gold hairpin holding it back from her face.

“You don’t know the Light Planet, mister?” she said.

Joey shook his head. "No, kid, I don't. Are you from around here? I'm not, as you can tell," he said, chuckling.

The little girl nodded her head, looking up at Joey with her golden irises.

Joey looked around. "So, is there anything specific I need to know? Like, manners? Customs? Slang? Or can I just be myself and expect people not to want to kill me?"

“Eh?” The little girl blinked, a look of confusion on her face.

Joey sighed. "Like, I know nothing at all about the customs of this planet. Could you please tell me the basics? I come from somewhere else, and I don't want to come across as a dumb traveler. Does that make a bit more sense to you?"

The little girl still looked confused. "I don't really know what you mean, mister. But everyone here is really nice!” She smiled.

Joey smiled. "It's fine. I guess I can figure it out as I go." He looked around. "Do you have any recommendations on where to go? I honestly have no clue."

The little girl tilted her head to the side, her golden hairpin glinting in the glowing light. "Where do you want to go, mister? And why did you come to the Light Planet?" she asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

Joey laughed. "Long story short, I fell through a portal, ended up here," he said, lying a bit, to avoid confusion or the child getting suspicious. "As I said, I don't have a clue on where to go. I've never been here... Now that I think about it, is there a map of this planet? I might find something interesting on a map. Do you know where to get one? Also, what currency does this planet use? I don't know if I'm broke or not," he said, pulling out a small purse with some shiny coins in it. It all added up to around $20.75 in Earth dollars.

The little girl looked at Joey quizzically. “I don’t know much about maps or currency, but my dad might be able to help you. He’s really smart and knows a lot about everything!” she said.

Joey's face lit up. "Could he, by chance, be willing to help me? If so, could you bring me to him? I'm fine if he can't; I understand if he has other, more important things than a random lost person." He hoped that he would be able to help him. He was in a bad situation. He didn't know if he was broke or not, and even if he wasn't, how much would $20.75 really get him? He wasn't an Ultimate, either, but he did have powers, and he was willing to work with fire or plants for some money. He also could endure a lot, so he could help with some heavy lifting if that was needed, but all he needed was money, and how would he get that?

As Joey was lost in thought, a man approached them. He was tall and imposing, with broad shoulders and a stern expression on his face. His hair was a fiery yellow, and he wore a long, flowing robe made of shimmering white fabric that seemed to glow in the light of the planet.

The little girl smiled up at the man. “Daddy, this man needs your help!” she said, gesturing towards Joey.

The man looked down at Joey with a quizzical expression on his face. “What kind of help do you need?” he asked in a deep, commanding voice.

Joey explained his entire situation. "See, I'm lost, and I found myself on this planet, and I don't know if I'm broke or not, but I guess that isn't a problem anymore," he said, pulling some solid gold out of his infinite purse. "And, I don't know a thing about this planet other than that your daughter lives here, and that everything glows, and that it's called the Light Planet. Could you, by chance, help me? Also, I'm lost dimensionally. I'm in the wrong dimension, if you know what I mean. I do have magic, though, so that might be helpful if you need some help with anything. Not an Ultimate, though."

The man raised an eyebrow at Joey’s words. “Interesting. You seem to have stumbled upon our planet by accident,” he said, examining the gold that Joey had pulled out. “As for your other questions, I can certainly help you with some information.” 

The man brought his right hand to his heart and nodded slowly as a greeting. “My name is Dr. Glow Relnitron. And I can tell you are not an Ultimate too, since your mind is completely vulnerable. But it is good to meet you, Joey.”

Joey looked confused. "What do you mean, my mind is completely vulnerable? Nice to meet you, as well, though. Also, I can help you if you need it. I'm stronger than I look. By the way, do you know of a man named Peridot? He's an Ultimate, I think, and he can read minds, while we're on the topic. I met him when I fell through the portal. Do you know him?"

“You’ll find that many Ultimates will be able to read your mind, which is what I mean when I say it’s vulnerable,” Glow replied. “Since you’re not an Ultimate, I can give you something that will manually block your mind from being read.” He snapped his fingers and a floating cup and teapot appeared. “And no, I don’t know a man named Peridot.” He poured some tea and handed it to Joey.


Joey downed the tea, then while Glow wasn't looking, he snatched a fly out of the sky, and ate it. "This is pretty good!"

When Glow looked back, Joey handed the teacup back to him. "Still, he was fine with not reading my mind too much. I don't know whether others will react the same. I don't think they will. Can you read minds? Also, even though I'm not an Ultimate, I can still do a lot with Ultimate-like abilities. Probably not incredibly powerful, but powerful nonetheless." 

He waved his hands around, a small flame following it around.

“The tea you just drank has generated a Mind Block for you. It’ll stay there until it is broken,” Glow said. “Now those with ill intentions can’t read your mind without breaking the Mind Block. And to answer your question, most Ultimates can read minds since they train their mental power alongside their physical power. So yes, even I can read minds.”
"Oh. I don't want people reading my minds. There are some things that I'd rather keep private... I've been through a lot. Also, don't get any ideas," Joey said. "Also, do you need any help with anything, in return for helping me?"

His hand had burst into flame, and his other hand had a vine curling around one of his fingers. A wind started picking up, and blew some dust into Joey's mouth. He sneezed, sending out a bunch of feathers. Joey realized what happened. Glow's daughter was staring at the feathers, and so was Glow. 

"Please don't ask. It just happens."

“No worries. It’s not the weirdest thing I’ve seen,” Glow replied assuringly.

"Still, I don't really want to tell you why. Honestly, I've seen stranger things, like the dragons in my dimension usually have multiple bodies, not heads. There are also a species of dog-like creatures called Rufs, which come in many variants. They are very dumb, and have laser eyes as a baby, weak laser eyes and weak telekinesis as teens, and powerful telekinesis as adults, able to move entire stars. They look like stuffed dogs, and I guess it's a good facade, as I didn't think they would do things like that when I first saw them."

Joey reached into his purse and pulled out a Ruf. He looked like a Bones the Dog Beanie Baby, and it waved at him. "Hi! I am Ruf!"

Joey put him back in, and said, "You've seen a Ruf now. Also, what is the strangest thing you've seen? For me, honestly it's probably a god that is older than the universe, with the appearance of a two-year-old, and does quite a lot of strange things that I can't even begin to talk about. Like bringing down the moon, for example, when he was bored. I managed to carry it, somehow, and throw it through a portal back where it belonged. Are there Ultimates that are strong?"

“Well,” Glow said. “Can’t really answer all your questions at once. Perhaps try one question at a time. Though, to answer your latest question… Yes, there are many Ultimates that possess unfathomable power. That is what makes them Ultimate, after all.”

Joey shrugged. "Power-wise, I might be able to pass off as an Ultimate. Note the words POWER-WISE, and I guess I give you permission to look at some of my feats. I do possess the True Power of Fire, which nothing can block for more than ten seconds, because then it gets destroyed. I can do it, at the cost of that I immediately pass out after I use it. Amazing Power and Great Power are less powerful, but powerful nonetheless. I wield Excalibur. Is there an Excalibur in this dimension? Or at least the legend of King Arthur and his Knights?"

Glow raised an eyebrow, a bit taken aback by Joey’s rapid-fire questioning and his willingness to share so much information all at once. “Well, for one, we don’t go around sharing our abilities randomly, it’s rather unwise. And power isn’t everything. Life is about much more than just raw strength or magical ability. It’s about the connections we make with others, the experiences we have, the lessons we learn, and the impact we have on the world around us. Those things can’t be measured by feats or abilities.”

Joey looked down. "Yeah. I know. Talking just helps me not think about what's happened. I've been through a lot. Then I get carried away talking, if I trust the person."

Glow nodded understandingly. "I see. Well, it's good to talk about your experiences and emotions, but it's also important to take some time to process them and work through them in your own way. Perhaps you should try taking a deep breath and taking in your surroundings. This planet has a lot of beauty to offer, and sometimes it's good to just relax and enjoy the moment."

Joey nodded. "I'm very guilty of that. Serving in a war really changes you."

As he looked around at a tree, he saw that there was a vine. Joey could tell it was killing the tree, a parasite. Yet he did nothing about it. He saw a mountain in the distance, and because everything was glowing, he could see it, even late into the night, as the hours passed. Joey looked at Glow. "So, what should I do?"

“Well, what’s your purpose in life? What goal are you trying to reach?” Glow asked him. He had taken his daughter back home and left Joey to wander for some time before checking back on him.

Joey shrugged. "I don't know. I don't have a goal, honestly. I just do what I need to. I don't think I have a purpose, and that's good. I don't want to be responsible for something terribly important. And honestly, I wish I wasn't special. It just puts a huge burden on your shoulders. Surely you can relate?" Joey said, looking down.

Glow nodded, understanding the weight of responsibility that came with having special abilities. “I understand how you feel, but everything has a purpose, a reason for existing. It may not always be clear or easy to see, but it is inevitably there. And even if you don’t have a grand goal or purpose, you can still make a positive impact on the world in your own way. It could be as simple as helping someone in need or being a good friend. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of small actions. Even if it’s just feeding a starving stray dog.”

Joey smiled. "I think that the way you explained it is better. Still, I wonder what my purpose is..."

Glow smiled back. "Well, sometimes it takes time to figure that out. But don't worry, you'll find it eventually. Just keep exploring, keep learning, and keep doing good in the world. Your purpose will reveal itself in due time."

Joey paced around, then stopped. "I wonder..."

He willed the glowing grass to start growing, and it started growing faster than grass should be able to grow. "I guess my magic works here."

Glow nodded. “Yes, most kinds of magic will work in the Real World. It’s a natural thing, just like physics and chemistry… Magic can be defined as the ability to manipulate energy or matter through conscious will or through the use of spells or incantations. It is a fundamental force of the universe, much like gravity or electromagnetism.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “But there are some realms where magic doesn’t work, or is controlled by others. For example, in the Dream World, the laws of physics and magic work differently than they do here in the Real World.”

"Oh. I was wondering because my magic isn't from this reality. I come from an entirely different one, so I was wondering if it worked, and since there were lots of plants around I figured I'd try that. Could you set a fire?" Slowly, Joey and Glow talked into the night. Glow had lit a fire, and Joey had put it out by clapping his hands. Eventually, both figured out that Joey's magic still worked in the Ultimates Galaxy.

Glow was intrigued by Joey's magic, and he wanted to learn more about it. "So, Joey, how does your magic work exactly? Is it a natural ability, or did you learn it through some sort of training or study? And what is the source of the magic?" he asked.

Joey smiled. "Well, it's actually a bit of everything. Yes, you need an artifact to use elemental magic, and based off of your body, you can get 'natural boosts' which boost certain elements. Like, a brown haired person with blue eyes would have a natural boost for ground magic and water magic. Brown or tan hair or brown eyes would be ground boosts, red hair, like mine, is fire, green eyes is plant magic, like my green eye, gray eyes, like my one gray one, or naturally gray hair is wind magic, light blue eyes is ice, and blue eyes are water. And albinos have light magic. Magic takes energy, but the more you practice, the less exhausting it gets. Magic is also boosted by adrenalin driven by fear or excitement, and then there are the Powers. Great Power of something can be resisted and is the least powerful of the bunch, but powerful nonetheless. The Amazing Power of something can also be resisted, but is more powerful, and can overpower Great Power. True Power of something cannot be resisted, and overpowers everything else. It can destroy dimensions. If you train magic enough, you won't need an artifact. I don't know the source. Also, there are wands and staffs, but spells aren't nearly as powerful as regular elemental magic. Also, the type of magic you use dictates what you are weak to. Like me, for example, I am weak to ice magic because ice kills plants and puts out fire. You can also enchant things to have specific properties you want, and make gadgets that interact directly with magic. Like this." 

Joey pulled out a small device from his purse that looked like a compass, but instead of directions had different colors. "This is a Magicometer. It shows how much magic is in the area, apart from you and whoever you're with. Also, the purse is infinite. Basically, give things different properties. Like you could enchant an umbrella to deflect or shield water attacks. Or a lightning rod to absorb electric attacks and then use the stored-up energy to attack something else. Basically, you can take a thing and enchant it to do different things. I also have potions in here. That make sense?"

Glow listened carefully as Joey explained how his magic worked. “I see. So, if I understood correctly, you have an artifact that helps you use magic, and your body type determines which element you’re naturally better at. So then what happens if you don’t have the artifact? And who designed this magic system? Names like ‘great’, ‘amazing’, ‘true’.” Glow chuckled. “It certainly sounds like a child’s imagination.”

Joey shrugged. "That's just how the world works. If you don't have an artifact, you can't use specific magic like that, unless you've trained a lot. With an artifact, of course. Also, you understood that correctly."

Glow smiled warmly. "I see. And what about the source of the magic? You mentioned that you don’t know where it comes from. Do you have any theories or beliefs about it?" he asked, curious to learn more about Joey's perspective on the origins of magic.

"Well, I do know this god that is, as far as I know and care, the creator of the universe. He has proved to be more powerful than literally anything I've seen. You'd have to see him to believe him, though. I think that he is the source, but I really don't know. Other than that, I just think of it as normal as Newton's Laws of Physics. They're just the way the world works." Joey shrugged. He didn't know what else to say. That was the best he could describe it.

Glow nodded, understanding Joey’s perspective. "I see. It's interesting to think about the idea, and how that might tie into the existence and nature of magic. You know, there are many different universes out there, each created by different beings or forces, and each with their own unique laws of physics and magic. It's quite fascinating, really," he said with a smile. "Who knows what other kinds of magic and abilities are out there waiting to be discovered? We are so small and insignificant compared to existence as a whole.”

Joey smiled. "We are but dust specks in an endless abyss. How's that for a quote? We are so small, insignificant. If you were to die, sure, it would devastate your daughter, and people you know, but in the really long run, and to the whole of everything, how important is it? Still, even though we might not be much, we should explore. Learn. Understand. See the beauty in everything." 

Soon, the sun started rising. "Guess we got carried away there, didn't we?"

Glow chuckled. "Yes, it seems we did. But that's the beauty of conversation, isn't it? It can take us to unexpected places and allow us to explore new ideas and perspectives. And you're right, even though we may be insignificant in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't mean we should stop exploring and learning. There's so much out there to discover and understand, and that in itself is a beautiful thing." He looked out at the sunrise. “So, then, what is your plan from here?”

Joey chuckled. "Oh, I don't know. Walk around, see what there is to see. I'm probably broke, though, except for this..."

Out of his purse spilled thousands of jewels, gold, diamonds, and all sorts of jewelry. "I have more, if I need it. I could probably sell these for a bit of money. Also, speaking of the infinite purse, did you know I'm still finding things I didn't know were there? I've found stuff like corpses, artifacts, relics, and all sorts of things. There's also a planet or two in there, and probably more."

As Joey spoke, a voice suddenly echoed in his mind, calling his name. It was a voice that sounded ethereal, as if millions of voices were speaking at once, yet somehow distinct. "Joey...Joey...Joey," the voice called out, beckoning him.

Joey paused mid-sentence, his eyes wide with surprise as he tried to comprehend what was happening.

"Uh, what was with that voice?" Joey asked. "Did you hear it?"

"Hm?" Glow looked up at him. "What voice are you talking about?”

Joey described the voice, and said, "It called my name three times! What does that mean?"

“It’s calling your name?” Glow had a thoughtful look on his face. “I’d say it’s your Ultimate Crystal calling out for you. It must be near.”

"Oh." Joey looked around. "I wonder where it is..."

“Joey…” He then heard the voice once again, this time it was clearer than before… and it sounded like it was coming from inside his purse.

"Well that makes sense. Inside my purse! Of course it would be there!" 

Joey laughed and stuck his whole arm into his purse. He fumbled around, all sorts of things falling out. A turkey sandwich, a lightbulb, a refrigerator, and, eventually, a bomb. Joey kept looking, and then dropped down, asleep. He had found it. 

When he woke up, he was in another world.

And not just any world… it was a Dream World, one where he would be tested in. 

“Welcome to the Dream World, Joey,” he heard his Ultimate Crystal speak, its voice completely clear now. “You will be tested…” 

Joey then saw a familiar two-year-old appear in front of him. 

The two-year-old was towering over him, and had blonde hair. 

Joey swore. "Really? Just REALLY? This is the sense of humor you have, Ultimate Crystal? Now do I go around him or what? Not that if he wants to guard something, it won't be gotten."

The two-year-old said in an annoyingly high-pitched voice, "I'm only twooooo!"

Joey screamed.

Joey started thinking, Okay, what do we have here? I can't use the True Power, because that would destroy the room we're in, and probably the Ultimate Crystal, and I'd pass out, and even if I manage not to pass out, I already know he's invulnerable to it.

Joey fumbled around in his purse, looking for something that might be helpful, then looked around the room. He had looked in time. The two-year-old swung a huge mace at him, and Joey, with barely any time to react, froze time. The swinging started increasing, and Joey remembered that the two-year-old was immune, just as Joey was, to time manipulation. Apparently, this version wasn't, but was going to break through the time barrier soon. Joey created an updraft, unfroze time, shifted into a Toucagon, and rode the updraft. The mace swung under him, and Joey started flying around the two-year-old. 

He realized his mistake when he approached the two-year-old's ear. The god said, in a voice deeper and more terrifying than anything Joey had ever heard before, "I know where you are, Joey. I know everything about you. I know your weaknesses. Your strengths. Today is the day you die. Prepare for your DEATH!!!"

Joey tried to fly under the two-year-old, who summoned an ice storm, and almost caught Joey in it. He flew away in the nick of time as a blast of ice headed towards him. Joey started flying faster, and saving energy as best he could. He started approaching the sound barrier, then surpassed it creating a sonic boom that startled the two-year-old. Flying at 72,000 miles per hour, Joey created a huge sonic boom, and if Toucagons' feathers weren't made to be fireproof, Joey's feathers would have caught fire. He approached the Ultimate Crystal faster and faster than he could comprehend, or any human really. He grabbed the Crystal, then was teleported somewhere else, still in the Dream World, evidently.

He saw her. 

He saw the girl of his dreams. 


She ran over to Joey, and he embraced her. He stopped, and Rebecca asked, "Why did you stop?"

Joey paused. 

He thought. 

And thought. 

This was his girlfriend... why torture him with her? 

Joey knew this was a test, but it was unfair. It was as if his Ultimate Crystal was deliberately messing with him. 

Like it was taunting him. 

A group of men approached behind her. Joey set one on fire, and while he ran away, Joey put it out. He reached into his purse looking for something, and pulled out a gun. 

"Stay away or I will shoot. That applies to you too, Rebecca."

"But why me?"

"You aren't the real Rebecca. You're just a fake. The real Rebecca died long ago. You are fake. I loved the real Rebecca. I'll never get her back. Don't taunt me with your existence."

Joey pointed the gun at Rebecca. 

"I don't kill, but I might make an exception. But just this once."

The other Rebecca started fading away, calling and screaming to be saved. Joey ignored it. A voice started saying, "You have moved on, Joey. You didn't choose to be with a fake. You have earned your Ultimate Crystal."

Joey looked at the red, green, and gray crystal in front of him. 

"But if you can talk, what do I call you?"

"You can name me whatever you want."

Joey thought for a minute. 

"Okay... I choose..."

"What do you choose, Joey?"

"I choose..."



Joey woke up in the Real World.

Joey appeared back in the spot he was before. 

“Ah, you got it.” Glow smiled at him once he saw Joey standing there with his new Ultimate Crystal. 

Joey also smiled, very proud. 

"So, what do I do now?"

“It would probably be wise to train and figure out how to use your crystal. I could help you with that,” Glow suggested.

"Okay. Sounds good," Joey replied.

"I'll give you the first lesson now," Glow said. "First, you have to absorb the crystal. Once you do, you'll feel its energy coursing through your body. You'll have to be able to control that energy. First, we'll have you learn how to hide your Ultimate Energy. That way, others won't be able to sense that you're an Ultimate."


Joey absorbed the Ultimate Crystal, but didn't feel any different. 

"I don't feel any different. Maybe it's because I already had power-"

Joey shouted, "Ow!"

He paused. 

"I guess it worked. I sure felt SOMETHING course through my body."

“It’s not power that you feel, it’s energy,” Glow told him. “You can draw more energy from the crystal. Try doing that. It’ll feel weird at first, since you’ll feel more energized randomly, but you’ll learn to control it. Then it’ll feel natural.”


Joey concentrated, but then said, "Um, most of my magic doesn't use much energy except for the True Power or Amazing Power, and they can destroy quite a lot, so do you have a planet I can destroy or something? And I already have years of stamina, so..."

“No, we don’t destroy planets around here. You’d have to go to your own realm to do that,” Glow said. “Perhaps we can teach you how to create your own realm. But for now, we should stick to the basics. Your magic relies on a different kind of energy, but you can increase the power of your magic by adding in Ultimate Energy. Focus and draw out your Ultimate Energy. When you have done so, an aura will emit from your body, indicating that you are releasing energy.”

"Oh, I've made a few dimensions in my time. Mostly to trap certain creatures that are too powerful for my reality. And, I'll try to draw it out."

Joey concentrated, and started levitating. His fingers curled into fists, then he stopped.

"I tried to draw it out, and it feels like I did. Did I do it right?"

Glow noticed the lack of an aura around Joey. “Not quite. Draw out more and emit it. You’ll know you did it when you have an aura around you.”


Joey started focusing again, and levitated higher than before. When he opened his eyes, they were glowing bright white, then a shockwave shot out from him. He fell to the ground, and, panting, said, "Did I do it now?"

"Is there an aura surrounding your body?" Glow asked him.

Joey looked down at his hands. There was something... different about them. Like there was something there that hadn't been there before, that lay, unseen.

"I think there is."

"Nevermind then. I can sense your energy. Try to hide it." Glow said.

Joey's hand curled into a fist, imagining the energy flowing into his fist. He then thought to himself, I wonder if I'm doing it right. 

A voice replied in his head, 'I'm hiding your Ultimate Energy, Joey, and your magical energy.'

I forgot about you, Rebecca, Joey replied. He turned to Glow. "Am I hiding it?"

Glow nodded. "Yes. You've got it. This technique will make you appear as a non-Ultimate and a non-Magic user. It's suggested to stay like that when traveling to avoid unwanted attention." He smiled. "You got it?"

Joey nodded. "I got it. But what about my jewelry? Will that stick out to people? Will they get suspicious of that, or just insulting looks? Most men where I come from don't wear necklaces like this, and they don't carry purses that are finely embroidered. So what about that?"

Glow shrugged. "Depends on where you go. The universe is a diverse place, after all."

Joey sighed. "That doesn't help. Still, what about the Light Planet? I'll probably be staying here for the time being."

"For the Light Planet, it's fine to use your abilities as long as you're not affecting anyone else. Other than that, there are many foreigners here in the first place, so it's fine to stick out."

Joey smiled. "Okay. That sounds good. Although most of the time, I'll probably use my abilities just in private, so people won't really notice it."

"That'll do just fine."

Joey looked around. 

"So, when am I going to start training?"

"Well, what do you want to train in? Any specific elemental power?" Glow asked.

"Well, what are my options?" Joey asked. "If it's an option, I'd like to try poison, even though it has nothing to do with my other powers."

"That'd be a good one to learn. I don't specialize in it, so I can't help you there. If you want to get really good at it, you should head to Venomir, the Toxic Planet," Glow suggested. "Though you should go with a guide. The atmosphere on that planet is toxic, after all."

Joey nodded. "Okay. Where do I go to get there?"

"To the Space Station. Though, you'll want to get some Ultims. That's the major currency that we use."

"Okay. I suppose I can just sell these."

Joey dumped out all the rest of the precious minerals, and said, "Is this enough?"

Glow shrugged. "Not sure if they'd sell well here. But you could give it a shot."

"Do you know where I could get some money for them?" Joey asked.

"Not off the top of my head, no." He shook his head.

While Joey shoveled the huge pile of gems into his purse, he asked, "I could work for some money, right? I am pretty strong, and I don't tire out quickly. Would that work?"

"That would be an option. You can go to one of the bounty hunter guilds and ask for work. Usually they'll always have something."

"Okay," Joey replied. "Where are they?"

"If I give you all the information, what will be left for you to figure out?"

"I meant the guilds."

"I know. You can find them yourself."

"Oh. Well, bye! I might see you later."

As Joey walked away, he looked around for a bounty hunter guild. But how would he find one? He should have asked. As he was walking down, he saw a sign. It said, 



10,000 ULTIMS

Below, it had a picture of Glow's face. 

Joey gasped.

There was a man smoking a cigar leaning beside the sign. He noticed Joey looking at it with a shocked expression on his face. 

"Hey, kiddo. You up for the task?" The man asked, blowing out some smoke.

Joey nodded, trying to find words. He started sputtering, "Uh, well, yeah, I am."

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I had no idea it was so

I had no idea it was so long!



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I'm glad it's this

I'm glad it's this long!

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