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KidBrains - Was the MOON LANDING a HOAX? Armstrong and Aldrin to be Forgotten?

KidBrains - Was the MOON LANDING a HOAX? Armstrong and Aldrin to be Forgotten?

Posted December 31st, 2017 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

December 31st, 2017

Since all of us were small, we have accepted the fact that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two people to set foot on the Moon on July 20th, 1969. They brought glory to America and earned everlasting fame across the globe. But some evidence could suggest that this space landing WAS a HOAX. So everlasting fame? This KidBrains post will find out!


At (UTC time) 8:15 pm, the world celebrated man’s first imprint on the Moon. I believe the Moon landing was NOT a hoax, so I have researched some hoax-believers’ arguments and I will counter them based on what I know and some research. Furthermore, some of these arguments are from famous Moon landing pictures, so you can easily find them on the internet (links are at the bottom).


Ok let’s begin.


  1. THE FLAPPING FLAG. This shows it was a hoax because the Moon does not have an atmosphere, so there is no air for the flag to flap in. I think it is just because the picture was taken immediately after the flag being put down, and since the Moon’s gravity is weak, the flag would take some time to float into its resting place. 
  2. MYSTERIOUS LIGHTS. In this picture, some kind of reflection can be seen which look identical to studio lights. I do not know about this, but my research showed that these reflections are simply lens flares and the mysterious shape in the middle is from the aperture of the camera.
  3. STARLESS SKY. There are absolutely no stars in the black sky ahead of the picture. Well, the Moon reflects light, so this could drown out the light of the stars. Research is on my side (take that, conspiracists) which says the astronauts took the pictures in a tiny fraction of a second, and stars usually don’t show up in this small time span.
  4. SHADOW BUZZ. As he is descending from the Eagle, he is in its shadow. However, Buzz is completely visible. There are multiple sources of light on the Moon, like the Sun, Earth and the men themselves, so Buzz is visible.
  5. INVISIBLE SOUVENIRS. Whilst the two men were there, they placed a few objects they did not need on the Moon to remember the Moon landing. However, these objects cannot even be seen by the most powerful telescope. I do not know why, but my research says that even the most powerful telescope can only see objects slightly bigger than a house on the Moon.


So now the decision is YOURS. I have shown you a few conspiracists’ theories, with all of them being countered by me and the internet. The event is still officially NOT a hoax, but hey, that doesn’t mean your opinion can’t be different.


What do you think?


Goodbye, and HAPPY NEW YEAR from Arnav! wink











Number 2 picture:       




(copy and paste this into google and click ‘images’, it is the first one. Also other pictures which I used are there)







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