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KidBrains - What are WHITE HOLES? The Paradoxes of the Beasts of the Universe.

KidBrains - What are WHITE HOLES? The Paradoxes of the Beasts of the Universe.

Posted December 1st, 2017 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

December 1st, 2017

Before we can understand what a WHITE HOLE is, we must understand the concept of a black hole, the beast of the cosmos. A black hole is a region of space where nothing, not even electromagnetic radiation, such as light, can escape from its pull. And if you apply the logic that black and white are opposites, then white holes are regions of space where matter is spewed out in super-massive quantities, and no matter can enter it. The scientific term for what a black hole pulls in is ‘information’. Both Einstein and Newton stated, “Matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change into other forms.” This concept would work perfectly if matter is stored in a black hole for eternity, but, Stephen Hawking created the concept of ‘Hawking Radiation’. This said that black holes actually RADIATE energy, eventually resulting in the disappearance of the black hole. But what would happen to the information inside? Let’s contemplate the theories (some utterly insane) about this:


  1. Some believe that once a black hole has radiated away, there is nothing which can now hold back the lost information. Therefore, a black hole TRANSFORMS into a white hole and spews out slightly deformed information.
  2. Another theory is that white holes are connected to black holes, creating a passage of negative energy connecting the two space ‘tissues’ of space time. This would go against the theory that nothing can travel faster than light (according to Einstein’s theory of relativity) but in fact, information which gets sucked into a black hole immediately gets violently spewed out by a white hole. This could occur in another part of space or in another universe alone…
  3. Some people have taken this concept even FURTHER (wow, this white hole business has got people interested). They say that the Big Bang was a white hole spewing out information from a black hole which formed in a different universe, creating our universe. But if this is true, then that means that everything we know and our whole universe, is in a black hole, which is a resident of a different, almost infinitely bigger Universe.


The diagram below illustrates this theory. The Os represent the size of the black hole. The I is the rest of the Universe.



Second Universe: IIIIOOOIIIII                     

Third Universe:     IOI


…and so on. And there would not be only three universes. If there were more Big Bangs occurring then there could be an infinite number of Universes.


And after all of this debate, white holes might not even exist… surprise

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