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KidBrains - Where did NINTENDO begin? The History of Nintendo.

KidBrains - Where did NINTENDO begin? The History of Nintendo.

Posted December 2nd, 2017 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

December 2nd, 2017

Like all famous companies of today, Nintendo started off as something no one knew about, selling playing cards in 1889 by a man in Japan. (I am sure you did not know that!)


It then progressed, like this:


1963-1968: Nintendo launch taxi company, hotels and food services, which all fail. But they tried.

1975: Created EVR Race Game.

1979: Create another arcade game.

1980: First hand-held gaming system, selling 43.4 million units sold worldwide.

1981: Create Donkey Kong.

1983: Release first Pharmacon, cartridge-based video console. 500,000 sold in two months.

1985: NES (Nintendo Entertainment system) sold worldwide. With it came, SuperMario brothers.

1986: Metroid and SuperMario Brothers 2 

1987: Legend of Zelda - very popular.

1988: First issue of Nintendo Power magazine, monthly advertising of new games.

1989: Gameboy released with Tetris. BECAME BEST SELLING GAME SYSTEM OF ALL TIME.

1991: Super Nintendo Entertainment System in USA and Japan.

1995: Virtual Boy released, big flop and stopped.

1996: Nintendo 64 released. 500,000 + sold in the first day! Very good 3D at the time.

1996: PocketMonsters, known today as PokeMon, released. 230 million sales.

1998: Nintendo Colour released in North America, Europe and Japan.

2001: Getting more advanced with Console released.

2004: Nintendo DS - 3 million pre orders.

2006: Nintendo Wii released.

2011: Nintendo 3DS. Parallax Barrier enabled non-glasses 3D vision.

2012: Nintendo Wii-U - first device in 1080p HD.


And then, you probably know what has happened to Nintendo.


So this was the history of Nintendo, a world famous game company. If only the card maker in Japan in 1889 could see it, he would be SHOCKED to find out that a simple card game became a company selling millions of devices every year.


Took Nintendo 223 years to go from cards to the Wii-U, but it was worth it! wink


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