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Kill Me

Kill Me

Posted January 10th, 2017 by Mimzy

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by PencilSword
in the TARDIS

January 10th, 2017


Someone please kill me

before I explode

into over 7 billion pieces of glass

and scatter over all the places anyone has ever deemed a landmark,

for someone to discover me

or mindlessly stumble over me

as they stare up at some soulless, unforgiving structure

that seems sturdy and eternal

but will one day return to the dust

that all things return to when faced

with the ever-reaching claws of time

If they stumble,

their feet will snag on my edges

and bleed over the ruins,

or perhaps someone will pick me up,


and cast me away again

on the assumption that I am simply a piece of something

broken and long-forgotten,

or maybe the sunlight will bounce off of me

at just the right angle

and I will gleam in a child's eye

and their unconscious attraction to ordinary things

with no place in the world

will draw them to me

and they will pocket me to add to their collection

of things they found to have uncategorizable beauty

in a world constantly flooring the gas pedal of the fastest car

to meet the loving embrace of death

while declaring victory or success

or some other kind of fulfillment,

and I will gather dust in a drawer

alongside rocks and pebbles

and small shells

and pieces of lost pottery with chipping paint

until everything rots



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woah but i love this i love

woah but i love this i love this i love this

the first lines and the last lines were so perfect wtf and everything in between was also perfect and idk how you do this wordiness witchcraft but its cool


---- love life and peace out <3

Posted by la la land {esther} on Wed, 01/11/2017 - 18:33

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