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the king

the king

Posted October 28th, 2021 by EmilyRocks_9

by BestBunnies101
in Wisconsin

October 28th, 2021

Once there was a king who loved clothes, he had about 1,000 different pairs. He was having a wedding feast. After the feast there was going to be a parade. Now that was all good except the king had nothing to wear. He asked his royal adviser to find someone capable of making royal garments.  After he looked for a while, he found two men named Jon and jack. Little did the advisor  know but they were two wanted Crookes. Jon and jack were brought before the king.

        They said, “your majesty we are capable of creating magical clothes they will be invisible to anyone stupide or bad at their job.” The king set them to work right away. Now these were Crookes, and they never did anything honestly so naturally they did not make real clothes for the king. After a while the king sent his royal adviser to check on the clothes. He could not see anything but in fear for his job he went back and told the king how beautiful they were. Still the king sent his judge. Now the judge could not see anything so in fear of his job he to told the king how beautiful the clothes were. Finally, it was time for the parade Jon and Jack told the king that he would not be able to feel the clothes. The parade started everyone admired the kings clothes although none of them could see them. About halfway through a little boy said
“the king does not have any thing on” and every one saw it was true. The end

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