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the letter

the letter

Posted January 4th, 2017 by Billy

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by Briana
in New York

January 4th, 2017

She sits at her desk she's loved him for years

She writes with a pen pages stained with her tears

She sends him starlight and all of her love

He never realizes she's the one who heals the
         breaks in his mind

and she's the one who's been here

                      all this time

She writes a letter and saves it takes it wherever she finds herself ending up

She sees him again her heart is full and her eyes are dull compared to


She has hope he thinks of her as his

But now she knows he never did

She knows he loves her and not she

She knows he's happy and he deserves to be
But the heartache she feels can't be forgotten

She feels his eyes on the one

he loves

she feels herself let go of the letter she held full of her love

she let's him go but he's all she thinks of and she hopes one day he will know her love

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