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A letter to the world. From A Girl ... Rebecca (Panther Tigress) if your out there.. read this

A letter to the world. From A Girl ... Rebecca (Panther Tigress) if your out there.. read this

Posted July 17th, 2013 by MaryamA

by Maryam
in Busoga

July 17th, 2013

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Bonjour, mon ami - okay,

Bonjour, mon ami - okay, grammatically incorrect, but I honestly do not speak French. What I'd like to say is I read your lovely letter, and would like to thank you for this hilarious birthday present. What did you think I'd do? Curl up in a corner and cry? To your first point - princess? No. I'm a lot worse. I'm a ninja samurai general. Beat that. I'm also an anti-monarchist, so your prinsults (princess+insults) are rather pointless. Then stupid? Stupid? I'm a high-functioning autistic.  I would like to invite to rationally argue your point, but that might be a little messy. And yes the small print does say autistic. Problem? I pull this card in every argument. I have OCD tendencies. I HAVE to correct incorrect facts. Or remember that thing about curling up in corners and crying? I'd actually do it. 

Of course people will defend me. I'm a popularish member, among the ECC (Epyk Clog Cops) and they do generally back me up, when they think the cause is right. They came to help me explain my actions. Plenty of people criticised me. 

Finally, your title. Panther tigress? It's Panthera tigris. That's the scientific name of the tiger. Oh, and I forgot to mention one thing - ignore me being all insane about correctness, keep writing. I don't want you to lose what you love. If you love to write, carry on. If you love to take drugs...kid, you have a problem...BAD ANALOGY! Just have fun, if people give you reasonable CC (not OCD CC) learn from it. Don't whinge or post nonsense. This is the internet. We can ignore one another. Have a nice life - not being sarcastic, seriously. 


Translation services are offered - please ask if you require aid in deciphering anything I say


I most certainly do not have a superiority complex, I'm too good for things like that.

Posted by Acinonyx jubatu... on Fri, 07/19/2013 - 01:13

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