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Lies In Autumn

Lies In Autumn

Posted July 15th, 2017 by Erin123

by Erin
in Armagh

July 16th, 2017

Brendon walked through the woods filled with trees that beared leaves of green, sun beating down. It would have been a beautiful day only for the hopeless feeling of knowing that things could never be the same as when the leaves here were turning gorgeous shades of red and orange. When the breeze was as soft as today but harsher, more… bitter. That was the word.

Brendon felt bitter. He knew that was how he was portrayed recently. Bitter over something he never could have changed because he had no control over other people’s feelings or who he was deep down.

Things had happened in these woods. Memories had been made, and he longed to forget the memories, mainly the good ones. The bad ones were upsetting but the good ones reminded him of what he could never have again and it filled him with pain and nostalgia.

Promises. So many promises had been made, and all but  one was broken. The one that remained in one piece had not been broken, but not fulfilled either, it was still in the works. Brendon didn’t get his hopes up.

Lies. Rose pink lips had spoken too many lies to count. If old wives’ tales were true the tongue behind them would be black as coal. Of course, old wives’ tales were lies in themselves so the tongues of whom spoken them would also be black.

Pills cannot stop hyperactivity if it is a part of you and when chocolate coloured eyes found hyperactivity an annoyance overdose was easily overlooked. Brendon cared more for chocolate coloured eyes and rose pink lips than anything in this beautiful world for a long time.

Knots had been tied tighter by blood red butterflies for years but they had been even more overlooked than overdose until now. When pearl white teeth nibbled on Brendon’s ear the knots could cease to exist in his mind. But what happens in your mind does not happen in reality.

The memory of how the rough bark felt against his back flooded into memory and the sweet taste of rose pink lips took over his taste buds. Whispers of assurance and “I love you”s coming from a husky voice, sounding oh so perfect like golden honey rang in his ears. Lies that had once been truths swirled and dispersed like smoke from a cigarette and he was alone.

Crying. Begging for one last chance when really he had been the one giving chances and the last one was thrown away and torn apart.

‘I love you.’ Rose lips had said. But that was back in Autumn. When everything made sense.

‘I love you too.’ Cherry lips had replied though blood red butterflies tied knots tighter and tighter until the fear of throwing up added to the stress.

Brendon could remember the lies that had been unraveled last Autumn. Even if Ryan didn’t.


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Great job! You really have a

Great job! You really have a way with wording and it was beautifully pieced together. I liked how instead of saying the girls' names, you described them as "Rose lips" and "Cherry lips." Very creative. Are you continuing with this? I'd kind of like to know what's happening. :)

Posted by Elora on Mon, 07/17/2017 - 22:08
Thank you, I was thinking

Thank you, I was thinking about continuing this, so now I will


Posted by Erin on Tue, 07/18/2017 - 06:04

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