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Lights Out Chapter 2: Gear Up

Lights Out Chapter 2: Gear Up

Posted February 4th, 2017 by Akash

by Akash
in California

February 20th, 2017

Tommy decided that he needed the most protection possible in case the strikers decided to break into his house. He went to the kitchen and stated looking for the softest materials he could find. This would keep his body comfy from wearing all that gear. He found 4 pillows under the counter with a rope attached to it. He took the rope and put 2 pillows inside his shirt in case he fell down. He put the remaining pillows on his chest and back. He tied the rope on top of the pillows and started looking for armor. Since the house didn’t have any, he found the most protective materials that would protect him. Tons of minerals. Tommy decided to turn it into a shirt by sewing it together. When he started sewing, he saw a small piece of paper that had never been there before. He read it.


Tommy was never more surprised in his life. The letter said to go to New York. On the back of the letter was a plane ticket. It was boarding in 7 hours. Tommy had to get to the airport.


Before getting to the airport (which isn’t very far from Tommy’s house), Tommy had just 2 questions. How did the note get in the house, and who wrote the note?

By the time Tommy got to the airport, he was out of breath. He looked at his watch, then at his ticket. 4 hours until boarding time. Since he had time, Tommy looked around the airport. He has never been to this airport before. In fact, when he saw a sign, he realized he had been to this airport many times. It was just newly redesigned. After a while of exploring he went to the ticket area and gave the man the ticket. The man squinted at him and saw the note so he took Tommy to a plane with few people. They looked like officials to Tommy. Tommy took a seat and slept. He was tired, after all.He woke up when the plane landed, he followed the adults and couldn’t believe what he saw.

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