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Lines from KidPubbers that I absolutely love.

Lines from KidPubbers that I absolutely love.

Posted May 14th, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in The Deepsea Metro (jk, it's Texas.)

May 14th, 2023

These lines have struck me in such awed, wistful ways. These words came directly from one's heart and it's so gorgeous to hear all of their thoughts inscribed onto a screen and into words. You have been gifted with such amazing, lovely talent that is completely unrivaled in its own sense. It is a lone, beautiful star in the night sky of verses and lines with meanings and hopes and thoughts as the same. Thank you, for whoever wrote these. 



As I sat by the willow tree I realized something. This is all I’ve ever wanted. This is what I’ve been waiting, striving, living for. Something beautiful. Something to inspire me. Something I could be proud of being connected with. All my life I’ve never known what direction to go, what path to take. There was no one to show me the way. Now I have this beautiful, beautiful land. In a way, that’s what Lyle was ever all about. Something that I could see before my eyes, touch with my hands, smell with my nose, feel in my heart and not be ashamed of.

I laughed. ”You answered me. You gave me what I needed, even if it wasn’t what I had wanted. Whatever you are, creator of this imperishable…” my voice trailed off. I smiled. I had tears in my eyes. “Thank you.”

-Planet Zero, SeptemberLove


They sat there for a while, some amount of time that Artemis decided not to count or think about. Instead, she felt the breeze cold on her skin, the leaves and moss underneath her boots, heard the crackle of burning wood.

The outside world really was beautiful, in its own way.

Sure, Elysium was beautiful, but it was an ordered, perfect kind. Out here, though? It was chaotic. Unpredictable.

And, somehow, just as beautiful, if not more.

-Deviants, inprisonforsparkling


“That is a beautiful hole,” Lena remarked.

And it really was, regardless of the fact that it was a wobbly, flattish oval rather than the perfect circle we had envisioned. It was beautiful because it had born from the sweat off our backs and the blisters on our hands. It was an accomplishment in a world that was working against us. It was beautiful because it symbolized one thing that I thought had been taken away from me forever.


-Drifting Dreamers, Katie Newton Wazhere


If you didn't get featured, then I'm sorry! this is actually the first part of my many favorites. i might feature you in the future though!

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