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M_I_R_R_O_R_S (if your mirror could speak........) Chapter 1

M_I_R_R_O_R_S (if your mirror could speak........) Chapter 1

Posted May 20th, 2017 by waverunner

by Sally
in a March to The Sea

May 20th, 2017

“See anything you’d like dear?” Asked a lady to her daughter, as they both walked around in a store.

“No, not yet.” The daughter answered, while picking up a glass bird.

“Well, it is your birthday, so I suppose we can stay a little longer.” The girl’s mother said in a gentle tone, and then walked toward a pile of books.

“Maybe this isn’t the right place.” She told herself, and began to walk to her mother, until the shop owner came up to her.

“This is the right place, I can guarantee it.” The shop owner noted, while touching the girl’s shoulder.

“How do you know?” The girl asked, looking confused at the elderly lady.

“You see, when I was about your age, I was in a store just like this one, and I found something that changed my life forever.” The elderly lady answered.

The girl’s eyes widened, “How did it change your life?”

“You see, it brought many wishes of mine to life.”

The girl looked around, and then back at the lady, “You mean, It’s here? Right now?”

“Yes, indeed child. Follow me.” The lady said with a smile full of warmth and then the two walked toward a door. Quietly, the lady opened the door, and allowed the girl in. In the room, there was almost nothing. The walls seemed as if they were at least a hundred years old, the floors creaked underneath their feet, and there wasn’t much light, only from a small circular window.

“I’m confused.” The girl stated, and then looked up at the lady. There was a sense of worry but amazement in the old saggy eyes of the lady, as if she were a child herself. Without another word, the lady walked toward a wall, and then began to strip lose wooden boards off. A few seconds later, there was a hole in the wall, and with care, the lady grabbed an object out.

“A mirror?” The girl said.

“Indeed.” The lady whispered, and then held a sparkling, dazzling mirror into view.

Just as she did this, the girl stepped forward, and was eager to touch it. But just as she began to lift her arm, the lady quickly pulled the mirror away.

“Listen, child. When you get older, this mirror will mean the world to you. But for right now, it won’t.”

“Then why did you take me back here?” The girl said, again confused.

“Take the mirror. Take it.” The lady demanded, “Hang it in your room.”

“Um, ok.” The girl whispered nervously.

“Look into it every day, and when the time is right, it will be of worth.”

In almost an instant, the girl was back behind her mother.

“Oh, what a beautiful mirror! Is that what you want?” The mother asked.

The girl looked down and noticed that she had the mirror standing against her.

“I think so.”

“Ok, then let’s go.” The mother told her daughter, and then they exited the store.


“Stupid mirror! You are as average as any other mirror!” The girl said in an angered voice as she looked into the shiny object.

“Why did I believe for a second that you were magic?” The girl asked the mirror. And then walked away.


“Every day, I look the same, the same old dork that I’ve always been.” The girl whined as she leaned against the wall underneath the mirror in her room. Slowly, she got up, and looked at herself one last time, and then began to cry.

“Just tell me how I really look! Honestly! Just tell me, you stupid mirror before I break you!” The girl screamed, and then violently took it off the wall and placed it on her bed.

Suddenly, she looked back at the mirror. She squinted, as if there was some writing on it. Quickly, she spun around and grabbed a magnifying glass.

Hello Margie, I am your mirror.” The girl read off the object.

“What? The lady wasn’t lying! It’s true!” She yelled out and then looked back at the writing.

P.S. maybe you should consider wearing your hair up in a bun.” She read off the mirror again.

Then, quickly, she ran off into another room.







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Very interesting!! Well

Very interesting!! Well done!


<(QuartzMaster A.K.A. Osaid)> Read my books!!!! :D

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Yeah, I agree!

Yeah, I agree!

Posted by Brooke on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 15:49
Thanks! :D

Thanks! :D

Posted by F@de578 on Sun, 05/21/2017 - 10:37

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